3rd Avenue Redesign
City council will vote on this issue this Friday (4/15/16).
Next Steps/Recommendation:
Consensus among committee members in attendance that the DMNA should not change its opinion from the initial letter, which supported the three lane configuration with additional greening.
11th Avenue Bike Lane 
CPED Transportation Planner, Simon Blenksi, presented a revised plan for the proposed 11th Avenue protected bike lane. The revised plan responded to committee feedback that the initial plan (presented in February) eliminated too many parking spaces along Gold Medal Park.  The revised plan eliminates fewer parking spots while maintaining a consistent protected bike lane.  (Refer to the presentation for the impact on parking.)
Next Steps/Recommendation: The DMNA Land Use Committee will recommend that the DMNA Board approve this letter of support [11th Avenue Protected Bike Lane – DRAFT – DMNA Letter of Support 4.11.16] at the 4.18.16 Board Meeting.
Hennepin Avenue Reconstruction
CPED will go to City Council for “Concept Approval” in June. Project details will be fleshed out in 2017-18, Community engagement will continue. DMNA has partnered with Mpls Bike to circulate this survey until 4.15.16
Next steps/recommendation:  DMNA has partnered with Mpls Bike to circulate this survey until 4.15.16. Committee will review/summarize survey results and make a recommendation if appropriate.
Nicollet Hotel Block 
United presented plans for the Nicollet Hotel Block. Presentation was considered informational.
Next steps/recommendation:  The committee will continue to track the project and invite the developer to return as plans evolve. As a hotel partner has not been finalized (but may be soon), the designs may change.  United Properties has fulfilled its formal obligation to inform neighborhood. However, the DMNA will request follow-up as the project progresses.
– Waiting for presentation from developer.