The DMNA currently has two active committees:

  • Land Use – The Land Use Committee meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month at the Mill City Museum.  In addition to advocating for land-use policies that promote a vibrant, safe, and sustainable Downtown, the committee receives presentations and provides feedback on proposed significant construction or rehab projects within Downtown East and West.  The committee formalizes this feedback through letters of support, which are reviewed and approved/denied by the DMNA Board of Directors at the following board meeting (third Monday of the month). These letters are then included in land use review packages that are evaluated by the City. Contact for more information.
  • Public Safety – This task force facilitates active participation by the DMNA Board and residents of the downtown neighborhoods in the ongoing debates about public safety in Minneapolis. The task force will also help advance the “Guiding Principles for Police Reform and Public Safety” (adopted by the board on 7-6-20), within the general framework of the DMNA mission and goals.  The task force’s general objectives are: to encourage downtown residents to respond to public comment opportunities on public safety issues; to advise the DMNA on board responses to community safety issues; to collect & report relevant neighborhood data; to develop & distribute public information materials; and to develop recommendations to the DMNA Board on how the neighborhood association can actively contribute to public safety in our neighborhood.