DMNA Seeking to establish a Homeowners Association Advisory Group

The Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association (DMNA) Board of Directors would like to establish a stronger connection with residents living in condos and apartments in the Downtown East and Downtown West neighborhoods.  As such, it is working to establish a Homeowners Association Advisory Group.  This group would help the DMNA better communicate with residents of the downtown community on issues of important concern such as crime and safety and land use development.  The DMNA can also help HOA’s communicate more effectively with leadership at City Hall.

The DMNA is asking downtown HOA’s to designate a board representative to serve as a member of the advisory group. The preference would be for the HOA board president to serve on this group, but will accept a designee offered by an HOA president too.  Please submit the name and contact info to  It is our hope to have an initial meeting with this group of people within the next two months, and possibly quarterly after that.  We are excited about this new initiative, and hope that we get good engagement from downtown HOA’s.

The Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association (DMNA) exists to promote the common good and general welfare of the residents, businesses, and employees of Downtown Minneapolis.  Members of the DMNA Board include, Pam McCrea, Chair; Kevin Frazell, Vice Chair; Carletta Sweet, Secretary; Dianne Walsh, Treasurer; Max Erickson; Tomek Rajtar; Laurie Rice; Joey Senkyr; and Joe Tamburino.