DMNA / MDNA Public Forum: Nicollet Hotel Block Project Design Unveiling

Nicollet Hotel Block projectBe the first to see and hear the details of the new development on this historically important block of Minneapolis. 

A Joint Downtown & Mill District Neighborhood Associations Event – Monday, February 16, at 7 p.m., at the Minneapolis Depot – Great Hall

Join City Council Member Jacob Frey, representatives from United Properties and staff from Minneapolis Community Planning & Economic Development for the unveiling:

– Learn details on the full building vertical lighting system, which will be a state of the art, first of it’s kind installation in Minneapolis, aswell as being programmable for events and Holidays.- Give your feedback on the project green-space, which when integrated with Cancer Survivors Park, will in essence create a significant new “Park” Downtown.

– See how the project will allow for Streetcar integration. The plan calls for the streetcar line to bisect the property and run through the building.  This is the first step in building out the eventual route.

– Discussion on this strategic first step in connecting the new Nicollet Mall to the river.

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