What would happen if A’s, B’s and O’s went missing in everyday life?

Recently, we asked: What would happen if A’s, B’s and O’s went missing in everyday life? Pe ple w uld st p  nd n tice. Through the Missing Types campaign, the American Red Cross revealed that A’s, B’s and O’s are also used to identify blood types, and right now, they have gone missing from hospital shelves.

The Red Cross is now facing a blood shortage and has issued an emergency call for blood and platelet donors to give now and help save patient lives. The Red Cross now has less than a three-day supply of most blood types – and less than a two-day supply of type O blood – for patients. At least a five-day supply is desired.

With your help, we can spread the word about this shortage and help ensure hospital patients can continue to receive the lifesaving treatments they need.

You can help! Here are just a few ways you can help us reach more people and help save lives:

  • Donate now. Download the Blood Donor App, visit RedCrossBlood.org or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) to schedule your blood or platelet donation appointment. Consider also inviting a friend to join you in giving.
  • Encourage others. Share these messages and graphics with your social media audiences to help encourage your network to give now. Please also consider sharing this email with others to help spread the word.
  • Host a drive. If you or someone you know is interested in hosting a Red Cross blood drive this summer, visit RedCrossBlood.org/HostADrive.​