Statement from mpls downtown council president and ceo Steve Cramer regarding crime and public safety in the downtown community

“Concern about public safety downtown is understandable given events so far this year. The people who live, work and visit there deserve better than what they too often experience at present.

“The business community remains committed to—and financially invested in—partnerships with law enforcement, the criminal justice system, and community outreach agencies to make downtown as safe as possible. We celebrate and support the many attractions, events and activities downtown has to offer.

What is also needed at this critical juncture is greater police presence, and clear support for their efforts to root out drug activity, gun violence and intimidating behaviors.

“It is an article of faith for the mpls downtown council that downtown is a place for everyone who comes exhibiting and expecting in return respectful conduct. Upholding that standard must be an immediate priority to insure confidence in the days and weeks ahead.”