Ryan Companies submits land use applications for Downtown East development

Ryan Companies has submitted the following land use applications to the City of Minneapolis tor its redevelopment project proposed for the Star Tribune properties:

1. General Land Use Application

2. Planned Unit Development (PUD) Application

a. A. Conditional Use Permit to increase the maximum height of structures
b. Alternative sign standards

3. Administrative Site Plan Review Application

4. Administrative Review of Plazas Application

5. Heritage Preservation Application

a. Demolition of an Historic Resource

The area in the planned Unit Development includes four city blocks numbered 68,69, 70 and 75. The current addresses on these blocks are:

1. 500 4th Street South

2. 329 Portland Avenue South

3. 301 Portland Avenue South

4. 627 3rd Street South

5. 628 4th Street South

6. 701 3rd Street South

7. 713 3rd Street South

8. 719 3rd Street South

9. 700 4th Street South

10. 716 4th Street South

11. 728 4th Street South

12. 501 4th Street South

13. 521 4th Street South

14. 520 5th Street South

15. 416 Portland Avenue South

16. 350 Park Avenue

The Demolition of a Historic Resource is being sought for the building located at 425 Portland Avenue South on block 74.

Downtown East Development Project Overview