Preserve Minneapolis virtual tour of Downtown Public Art

LEARN ABOUT THE CITY WITH PRESERVE MINNEAPOLIS! Our popular tours of Minneapolis neighborhoods and architecture shed new light on the city’s history, culture, and urban design, from the biggest landmarks to little-known streets and districts.

This year, COVID-19 has given Preserve Minneapolis an opportunity to virtualize its popular walking tours and open up its programming to a wider audience of Minneapolitans and historic preservation supporters. Through virtual tours, Preserve Minneapolis hopes to further its mission and extend its celebration of Minneapolis to other parts of the world.

Our virtual tours are being conducted via Zoom. Please make sure that you have Zoom account set up. An access code will be sent to you prior to the tour. Registrations will be accepted up until an hour before the start time. Please sign in 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled start time to assure we can start on time.

Virtual Tour of Downtown Public Art – Learn how Minneapolis developed its urban landscape!

The City of Minneapolis has long maintained a vital program of public art. Public art has been part of civic projects dating back to the completion of the City Hall in 1906 with its majestic Carrara marble statue “The Father of Waters.” Private property owners, in the more recent past, have included public art in their developments. This tour will touch on important examples within downtown Minneapolis. Art work on the tour has been executed by local as well as significant nationally prominent artists such as Maya Lin, designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the National Mall in Washington D.C. The art included on this tour is associated with many important historic and contemporary buildings in Minneapolis giving an overview of our urban landscape.

The tour is led by Gordon Olschlager who has over 35 years of experience in historic preservation consultation. He has served on the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission and the American Institute of Architects Historic Resources Committee in both Minnesota and Los Angeles. Gordon currently serves on the board of the Friends of Christ Church Lutheran in Minneapolis.

Date and Time

Saturday, August 29 • 1-2:30 pm


1.5 Hours


$5 with a $1 booking fee

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