Meet the DMNA 2020 Board Candidates

Elections to the Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association will take place at the 2020 Virtual Meeting on Tueday, October 27.  We have five candidates for four seats.  Three seats have three-year terms, and one seat has a one-year term.  The top three voter getters will take the three-year terms. The fourth will take a one-year term (which is filling out the remainder of a term vacated by a board member who moved out of the neighborhood). Click on the candidate’s name or “read more” to see their complete application.

You must register to attend the Annual Meeting to vote in the election.  Please register via the link below.  You will receive a follow-up email that explains how to login to Zoom the night of the meeting.

DMNA Annual Meeting Registration via Eventbrite

Meet the Candidates

Katie DonohueWhy do you want to join the DMNA Board?
The main reason is I want to get active in my community. I moved downtime a little over 2 years ago and feel I now have time and energy to give to this. Read more about Katie.




Kevin Frazell (Incumbent)Why do you want to join the DMNA Board?
My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed our life downtown and are still glad to be living here, despite the current challenges. I love city government and I love grassroots democracy, including neighborhood associations. The DMNA has been a great way to be civically
engaged in Minneapolis.  Read more about Kevin.



Andy GittlemanWhy do you want to join the DMNA Board?
My primary reason for wanting to serve on the DMNA Board of Directors is to address safety, security, and livability issues in both the DT East and West neighborhoods. Read more about Andy.




Pam McCrea (Incumbent)Why do you want to join the DMNA Board?
I would like to continue serving on the DMNA for many reasons. I am fully committed to serving the community and strengthening the DMNA role through the newly established Public Safety Task Force, the HOA Advisory Group, and the Civic Engagement Committee. Read more about Pam.



Joe Tamburino (Incumbent)Why do you want to join the DMNA Board?
I truly enjoy working to better our downtown community, and trying to ensure a safe and vibrant neighborhood. Read more about Joe.