Hammocking in Minneapolis Parks? Please Be Kind To The Trees.

If you’ve visited Minneapolis parks in the past year or two and noticed hammocks hanging from trees, you may have wondered, “Can we do that?”

The answer is YES, with limitations and a few guidelines:

  • Hammocks may only be used during regular park hours
  • Hammocks are temporary and those hanging the hammock must promptly remove it each time they are done using it
  • Hammocks do not damage property
  • Hammocks do not damage vegetation or trees
  • Hammocks do not restrict free use of the parks, or create a hazard to buildings, park or pathway use

Hammock users should be aware of two Park Board ordinances related to vegetation and trees:

PB2-2. – Molesting vegetation.

No person not an employee of the board shall pick or cut any wild or cultivated flower, or cut, break or in any way injure or deface any tree, shrub or plant within the limits of any park or parkway; nor carry within or out of any park or parkway any wild flower, tree, shrub, plant or any newly plucked branch or portion thereof, or any soil or material of any kind. (Code 1960, As Amend., § 1010.030)

PB10-9. – Damaging trees.

No person shall remove, destroy, cut, deface, trim or in any way injure or interfere with any tree or shrub on any of the avenues, streets or public grounds, including parks and parkways, without a permit from the general superintendent of parks. (Code 1960, As Amend., § 1020.090)