DMNA Public Safety Task Force Update 11-4-20: Town Hall Meeting Wrap Up

At the DMNA Public Safety Town Hall Forum on October 27th, moderator Merv Moorhead presented a variety of questions to our elected officials and a panel of law enforcement officials.  These questions were drawn from a larger pool of questions written by Public Safety Task Force members and by community members, who were able to submit questions as part of their annual meeting registration.  People attending the forum were also invited to submit questions in the chat feature of the Zoom meeting.  As a means of describing our community’s specific concerns about public safety, we have prepared a list of 1) thirteen questions asked by the moderator; 2) fifty-three other questions received in advance of the forum, and 3) twenty-five chat questions submitted during the forum. This is the complete list of all questions we received; we believe it represents an unambiguous statement of our community’s concerns, dissatisfactions, and policy choices.  Please review the list closely, and then continue our forum conversation by:

A recording of the Town Hall portion of the DMNA Annual Meeting is available here.