DMNA announces opening of Police Safety Center at The Vicinity

DMNA Board Chair Pam McCrea is proud to announce the opening of the Mill District’s Police Safety Center at the Vicinity Building on South Second Street and Park Ave. The safety center will primarily be used by Lt. Grant Snyder and Sgt. David O’Connor of the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD). Both officers are on the “Homeless Initiative” task force which helps homeless individuals access services for housing, chemical dependency, and mental health.  The safety center will not be used for effecting arrests, bookings or interviewing individuals.  Rather, it is a workspace for Lt. Snyder, Sgt. O’Connor and other MPD officers, and it will provide our community with a visible and approachable police presence.

Current DMNA board member, and former board chair, Joe Tamburino has been working on the safety center project for over 3 years and is extremely happy that it is now open and running. “This is a wonderful development for downtown because it will give us a greater police presence in the neighborhood and a fantastic opportunity for the police to interact with downtown residents” Joe said.  “Hopefully in the late summer or early fall, after the virus subsides, we will be able to have a grand opening at the safety center so the public can see the space, meet the officers, and enjoy some food and refreshments” Joe stated. “And I truly wish to thank the wonderful board members and volunteers at the DMNA, the fabulous people at Sherman Associates, the dedicated officers of the MPD, and Chief Arradondo for all of their help in making this project happen.”

The safety center will also be very useful to ensure public safety in the neighborhood during the terrific public events that occur in our great city throughout the year, such as the Stone Arch Bridge Festival, the Pride Festival, Northern Spark, National Night Out, and many other wonderful celebrations.