City receives four responses to 800 Washington Avenue RFP

Emily Stern, senior project coordinator with the City of Minneapolis’ Community Planning and Economic Development Department (CPED), reviewed the four proposals that the City received to the 800 Washington Avenue RFP at the August 6, DMNA Land Use Committee meeting.  This parcel is also known at the Liner Parcel, because it wraps the Guthrie Theater parking ramp.  The City received proposals from the following developers:

  1. AECOM – Mixed Use (Owner-occupied condos with ground floor retail)

    AECOM’s proposal is for an 8-story, mixed-use building. This project includes 80 owner-occupied condos, 18,000 square feet of office space for the American Academy of Neurology, and also have ground floor retail space. Total cost for the project? $65 million.  The building would feature open green spaces and a rooftop garden and the overall look would be much different than buildings in the surrounding area.

  2. Sherman Associates – Mixed Use

    Sherman Associate’s proposal is for a 10-story, mixed-use building. The first and second floor would still include a Pinstripes bowling alley, the third story would still be home to office space, space for the American Academy of Neurology, and the remaining floors above would be devoted to 112 apartments. 20 percent of the housing units proposed would be affordable units for those making less than 60% of the area’s median income.

  3. Oppidan Investment Company – Commercial

    Oppidan has submitted plans for a 6-8 story office building. They’re looking for a single company or multiple tenants that are willing to share a building.  An interesting aspect of this proposal is the fact that tenants within the project would have a say in the overall design of the building. Plans state that the upper floors would house office space with the American Academy of Neurology having the option to lease space within the building if desired. The ground floor would hold retail space.

  4. 45 North Group – Commercial

    45 North Group plans call for a five story commercial building. The ground floor would have retail space while the upper floors would be home to offices. The total project is expected to cost around $20 million.

City staff are favoring the AECOM and Sherman Associates projects, because they best reflect the requirements of the RFP.  At the August 21, Economic Development and Regulatory Services Committee, staff will likely recommend that the City extend development rights to AECOM.  However, if they are unable to come to terms with AECOM after a period of time, they will go back to the table with Sherman Associates.

Information regarding these proposals is available on the Development Tracker Website.