DMNA Board Members


Max Erickson has worked in the events and hospitality industry for over a decade. Currently he works at MacPhail Center for Music managing their events and also started a small business that plans and executes events for corporations, non-profits, weddings, and other celebrations. Max received his Bachelor’s degree in Russian Language and Russian Area Studies from St. Olaf College, and he and his husband David have both lived and worked downtown for four years (live in Downtown East and work in Downtown West).  He is a strong believer in collaboration and knows that the DMNA has incredible opportunities for constituents to work together to make Downtown Minneapolis a great place for community.


Kevin and his wife, Terri, true empty-nester Baby Boomers, have lived in the Zenith since 2010. They love life downtown and plan to stay a long time!

Kevin has worked in city management for 38 years.  He currently serves as the Director of Member Services for the League of Minnesota Cities, providing education, training, support, and advice for city elected officials and professional staff across the state.  He holds Master’s and Doctoral degrees in public administration.  One of his current passions and areas of focus is developing strategies to help cities reduce racial disparities.

Despite being a “professional bureaucrat” Kevin has always been strongly committed to the idea that government and all civic institutions really belong to their citizens.  He loves hearing from people and working on ways to help them get involved in making their neighborhoods and communities wonderful places to live.

Kevin serves as the Chair of the DMNA Land Use Committee.  And now he couldn’t be more excited to bring his skills and passions to the work of the DMNA Board of Directors during a time when downtown Minneapolis seems to get better every day.


Steph J. Hill was elected to the DMNA Board at the annual meeting in 2016. Stephan has worked downtown since 1998 and moved to the Mill District in 2013. She brings 20 years of experience as a commercial real estate attorney, having worked over the years on transactions involving many of the notable buildings in the downtown area.

Prior to attending law school, Stephan spent 10 years as a pastor ordained in the United Methodist Church. She wishes she had known as a pastor, what she has learned about the business world as an attorney! When she is not working at her office in the Canadian Pacific Plaza, Stephan enjoys walking along the river, enjoying the many cultural amenities and dining options available downtown, and (especially) attending basketball games as a season ticket holder of the Minnesota Lynx. She lives downtown with her wife, Margo, and loves skipping the commute and walking to work.


Born and raised Minnesotan and spent a large part of my life either working or living in Minneapolis.  I have three pretty awesome, grown children who are not only smart but have a wonderful social commitment to society.

Most of my career has been in the not for profit world, working with individuals to enhance their lives. (Homeless woman with children, homeless youth, individuals with developmental disabilities, disabled veterans, seniors and families)

  • Chief Operating Officer            Mains’l Services, Inc.                           10 years
  • Chief Executive Officer            Good Shepherd Communities                8 years
  • Chief Operating Officer            Lutheran Social Services on MN           4 years
  • Executive Director                    YWCA of St. Paul                                9 years

Community service has always been important to me. Listed below are some of my other professional experiences below .

  • Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce- CEO TEC
  • Institute of Black Chemical Abuse (IBCA) Board Member
  • United Way Council of Agency Executives- Member
  • City of Eagan – City Council Member
  • Middle Management Association- Board Member

M.S.                Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor            Mankato State University
B.A.                 Social Work/Corrections                                 Mankato State University


Tomasz moved to Minneapolis in 1985 from the East Side of St. Paul, and use to work at Dayton-Hudson Corp.

Tomasz has resided at The Archie Givens’ Atrium Apartments/314 Hennepin Ave., of the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority {MPHA} since 2002. MPHA owns and manages 42 Low-Income High Rises in Minneapolis, totaling 42 Buildings and 5000 Tenants. Tomasz has been awesomely blessed to Serve 4 cycles (or 8 years) Upon the Tenant Organization; Minneapolis High Rise Representative Council {MHRC} as an MHRC Board Delegate, bringing info Up into MHRC from the Atrium Apartments Resident Council to MHRC, and MANDATORY Information back down to the level of the individual tenant while also being a trusted servant of the Atrium Resident Council Officers and the Board or Tenants at-large out of 299 Units/Apartments.

For at Least 4—8 Year Cycles, Tomasz has also been blessed, to chair the MHRC City-Wide Security Advisory Committee, which also has a seat upon the MHRC Executive Committee. These actions/activities have Taught Tomasz, to greater appreciate the diversity within the city of Minneapolis, as well as the needs of low-income renters’ or tenants residing within the city of Minneapolis.

Joey lives at the Crossings, at 121 Washington Ave S, and works as a substation engineer for Xcel Energy. He loves living and working in Downtown Minneapolis, and watching it grow and change.

Carletta is a homeowner at RiverWest Condominium in the Downtown West neighborhood of Minneapolis and co-owner of a small business consultancy also located in the Downtown West neighborhood.

She promotes public and private sector collaborative relationships that foster affordable housing, business development, and cultural as well as educational opportunities for the residents, businesses, employees and visitors to downtown Minneapolis.  To accomplish these goals she has been instrumental in forging relationships between DMNA and:   the East Town Business Partnership on whose board she currently serves as the DMNA representative; 2020 Partners on which she currently serves as the DMNA representative; the Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership on whose board she currently serves as the Central Riverfront neighborhood representative; the Above the Falls Citizen Advisory Committee on whose board she currently serves as the Central Riverfront neighborhood representative; and Aeon on whose board she served as chair.

Carletta joined the DMNA to assist in making the downtown neighborhood attractive, safe, economically viable, and a great place to live, work, play and visit, similar to what she experienced during the renaissance in the late 1980s and early 1990s in the South Loop and Burnham Park downtown communities of Chicago, Illinois.

She has been a DMNA board member since 1998 and brings a rich historical perspective of the issues that impact the downtown neighborhoods of Minneapolis.


Joe is proud to live and work in downtown Minneapolis.  An attorney for over 25 years, he and his wife Amy recently returned to downtown after raising three children in the suburbs.  He is a partner at his law firm, Caplan & Tamburino, in the Lumber Exchange Bldg.  Joe graduated from New York University in 1986 and the University of Minnesota Law School in 1989.  Originally from NYC, he fell in love with Minneapolis and remained here to build his life and career.

Joe is a board member of the Italian Cultural Center (ICC) in Minneapolis, an organizer of the annual Italian Film Festival presented by the ICC, an instructor of legal education, and an active board member of his homeowners’ association.  A frequent legal commentator in print, radio, and TV media, Joe is able to demonstrate his interest in and commitment to current issues facing our state and city.  As for downtown, Joe is an enthusiast in all areas from addressing social concerns to attending fun cultural events, enjoying a dinner out, or walking over to Target Field to take in a game.

Joe is honored to be elected to the DMNA board and is looking forward to meeting more neighbors and getting to work!


Dianne was elected to the DMNA Board at the October 27, 2016 Annual Meeting.  She has resided in downtown Minneapolis for twenty years. Prior to that, she and her husband raised two sons in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul.

Dianne retired from the practice of law with Heacox, Hartman, Koshmrl, Cosgriff & Johnson in June of 2015. She had concentrated her law practice in workers’ compensation, representing employers, insurance companies, and self-insured employers. She litigated numerous cases, resolved complicated issues through mediation, and counseled her clients regarding procedural, medical, and litigation issues. Dianne maintained the highest Martindale-Hubbell rating throughout her years of practice.

Dianne and her husband reside at the Bridgewater where she is active on various committees including the Pet Committee (of which she is chair), the Communications Committee, and the Bridgewater Neighbors and Friends of the Arts. Dianne is secretary of the Board of Directors of the homeowner’s association at her family’s lake place. Two days a week, Dianne volunteers at Paul Wellstone International High School working with ESL students to improve their reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Dianne brings to the DMNA strong writing and organizational skills. She is committed to living downtown and developing the downtown area into vibrant residential neighborhoods. Having observed two decades of change in the number of people living downtown, she is aware of the importance of neighborhood communication. Having also worked in downtown Minneapolis for more than twenty years of her practice, she is committed to supporting businesses and employees in the downtown area.