Board of Directors Meeting


Tuesday, September 17, 1996--7:00 to ? p.m.

Rivergate-Community Room


Presentation: St. Thomas and Minneapolis Public Schools-Doug Hennes and Judy Peas

The University of St. Thomas has been exploring a plan to develop a project with the West Metro Education Program (nine school districts including the Minneapolis public schools). The project is proposed to occupy the area between 10th street and 11th street on LaSalle Avenue, bordered on the east by Nicollet Mall.

The project would consist of two buildings with underground parking and skyway connections. First Building: The University of St. Thomas is proposing to build a four-story building on the northwest corner of the block. This building will house graduate studies. Second Building: The West Metro Education Program proposal would occupy the second building. This part of the project is proposed to be a K-12 school.

Underground parking will be built underneath the St. Thomas building and the West Metro Education building. If approved and successfully negotiated, the new St. Thomas building and the K-12 school would likely be opened by the Fall of 1998.

Called to Order: by Paul Barber (PB).


1. Secretary's Report--Dee Cotten

a. Roll Call:

i. Directors Present: Paul W. Barber (PB), Dolores Cotten (DC), Andy Hauer (AH), Sandra Meyer (SM), George Rosenquist (GR), John LaVine (JL), Bob B. Saginaw (BBS).

ii. Excused: Eunice Roo (ER).

iii. Absent: Mike Olson (MO), Donald Hicks (DH).

iv. Staff: Excused

v. Guests: Frank Brust, Downtown Council; Judy Peas, Doug Hennes, Billy Binder.

b. Minutes from the August Board Meeting:

MOVED to approve the August 1996 minutes.

SECONDED the motion.

The motion CARRIED.

2. Treasurer's Report--AH

Included in minutes.

Old/Continuing Business:

1. Election Debate

Tuesday October 15, at Heritage Hall; 7:30-9:00 p.m. Board meeting between 6:00-7:30 p.m. at Heritage Hall. The League of Women Voters will conduct the forum. Candidates have been called and letters are being sent to confirm.

2. Stadium Issue: Update

Possible sites were mentioned in the Star & Tribune.

New Business:

1. Election of NRP Electors & Alternates

Downtown West-Andy Hauer, Downtown East-Dee Cotten, North Loop-Roger Thomte and Alternate for Downtown West-Paul Barber. Need two more alternates.

2. Senior's Center

ER motioned to direct staff to seek a senior's center.

The motion passed with GR abstaining.

3. Complaint about too many festivals

Board's opinion was that there were not enough events and festivals and encouragement to hold more and longer events.

4. Annual Meeting

The DMRA Board allowed the downtown NRP Steering Committee to hold a one hour community meeting between 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the annual meeting.

Committee to seek a speaker: George Rosenquist, Bob Saginaw and Sandra Meyer.

5. Other New Business None

MOVED for adjournment.

SECONDED the motion.

The motion CARRIED.

Meeting Adjourned at ? p.m.

Submitted by Dee Cotten, Secretary