Board of Directors Meeting


Tuesday, August 20, 1996--7:00 to 9:10 p.m.

Riverwalk--Community Room



Conditional Use Permit for Proposed Marriott Residence Inn Hotel--

BRW, Inc.--Tom Lincoln, Paul Mittendorff

Board members received a description and plan for a 120-unit, four-story, extended stay Marriott Residence Inn Hotel atop the existing LaSalle Court Parking Ramp, at the southeast corner of 8th Street and LaSalle Avenue. The projected starting date for the project is October/November 1996. Representatives from BRW, Inc., an architectural firm, presented this project and asked for an endorsement from DMRA.

Called to Order: by Paul Barber (PB).


1. Secretary's Report--Dee Cotten

a. Roll Call:

i. Directors Present: Paul W. Barber (PB), Dolores Cotten (DC), Andy Hauer (AH), Sandra Meyer (SM), George Rosenquist (GR),

ii. Excused: Eunice Roo (ER), John LaVine (JL), Bob B. Saginaw (BBS).

iii. Absent: Mike Olson (MO),Donald Hicks (DH).

iv. Staff: Bill P. Stark (BPS).

v. Guests: Frank Brust, Downtown Council; Tom Lincoln, BRW, Inc.; Paul Mittendorff, BRW, Inc.

PB asked that it be noted that Alternate Sandra Meyer is eligible to vote because of an absent Board member.

AH MOVED to endorse the Marriott plan with modifications that the plan adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

DC SECONDED the motion.

The motion CARRIED unanimously.

Dee Cotten will send a letter to Pat Scott and Tom Lincoln.

b. Minutes from the July Board Meeting:

PB asked if anyone suggested changes to the July 1996 minutes.

PB asked that the election debate and Executive Director items be moved to the Old/Continuing Business section.

AH MOVED to approve the July 1996 minutes with changes.

SM SECONDED the motion.

The motion CARRIED unanimously.

2. Treasurer's Report--AH

AH informed the group that the treasurer's report was unavailable at this time and that he would present it at the next Board meeting.

3. Executive Director's Report--BPS

a. NRP Update

BPS stated that the Steering Committee will hold its next meeting on August 26.

BPS informed the group that the survey for the NRP has been distributed. Residents received the survey. In addition approximately 700 businesses received the survey with a flier that the business can post to inform employees that they may receive a copy of the survey by calling DMRA. Also, 15 major downtown businesses received 40 copies of the survey and a letter urging the CEO or president of that company to encourage participation.

BPS stated that DMRA must make efforts to include itself in the NRP process in order to receive funds to fund projects that are important and relevant to the downtown neighborhood, DMRA and its constituency.

b. Central City Neighborhood Partnership

BPS informed the group that the CCNP had conducted a meeting with Chief Judge Mabley to discuss the restorative justice and alternative sentencing program that the CCNP has been developing.

BPS explained that the restorative justice and alternate sentencing program dealt with people who have committed low-level misdemeanors in the four neighborhoods of the CCNP. These type of people would eventually perform community service for these neighborhoods.

DC invited Michelin to conduct interviews at Rivergate apartments.

BPS also informed the group that a student will be exploring potential projects in the downtown neighborhood that might be addressed by the program.

PB informed the members that he had received a notice about a restorative justice workshop from Bart Putney. This will be held on September 19 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Plymouth Church, which is located at 1900 Nicollet Mall in the Fireside Room.

PB Also informed the members that he had received a request from Bart Putney about a proposal that Bart was developing. The proposal centered around Neighborhood Leadership Development. 10 people from the neighborhood would be sought to participate. The proposal is to September 15 and PB asked if DMRA would like to participate.

AH MOVED that DMRA support this proposal.

DC SECONDED the motion.

GR abstained.

The motion CARRIED.

c. National Night Out (NNO)

BPS congratulated everyone for pulling together in order to conduct National Night Out, rather than allowing the last minute cancellation by the River Towers to completely frustrate DMRA's many months of planning and expended resources.

BPS thanked DC, SM and AH for the great job that they did for the National Night Out event. He also thanked the others who helped that night.

AH MOVED that DMRA initiate efforts to determine a course of action for the last minute cancellation of the NNO location by the River Towers and Gittleman. AH further moved that the course of action follow: 1) that DMRA bill the River Towers for costs attributed to the last minute cancellation, 2) if this is not paid, then he will return to the Board with a request for further action, and 3) that the matter be explored through avenues that would not cost DMRA any further expenses.

DC SECONDED the motion.

The motion CARRIED unanimously.

PB congratulated everyone for a great job on National Night Out.

Old/Continuing Business:

1. Election Debate

AH called the League of Women Voters about the election debate. If DMRA wants to sponsor a debate, the League would conduct it. AH will inform the League that DMRA has a site and will notify DMRA members about a debate.

PB stressed that DMRA does not want to run the election but wishes only to provide a location and publicity to its members.

2. Executive Director Review

AH stated that the primary concern was that DMRA would like to seek additional funds for continuing employment.

New Business: None

Other New Business

a. AH informed the group that NRP was holding Policy Board elections soon.

b. PB informed the group about a public hearing regarding Heritage Landing at 4:30 p.m. on August 21st.

c. PB informed the group about a local college urban studies internship conducted by the NPCR (Kris Nelson), BBS will inquire about the program.

d. BPS informed the group about the formation of the Basset Creek Neighborhood Association. At present, this group seems concerned about neighborhood development in the Basset Creek area of downtown. The first meeting was held in the beginning of June. The next meeting will be held on August 28 at 6:30 p.m. at the Minnesota Opera Center.

DC MOVED for adjournment.

GR SECONDED the motion.

The motion CARRIED unanimously.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Submitted by Bill Stark, Executive Director

Reviewed by Dee Cotten, Secretary