Board of Directors Meeting


Tuesday, July 16, 1996--7:00 to 9:10 p.m.

Itasca--Community Room

Called to Order: 7:00 p.m. by Paul Barber (PB).



1. Secretary's Report--Dee Cotten

a. Roll Call:

i. Directors Present: Paul W. Barber (PB), Andy Hauer (AH), Bob B. Saginaw (BBS), Sandra Meyer (SM), George Rosenquist (GR), John LaVine (JL).

ii. Excused: Eunice Roo (ER), Dolores Cotten (DC), Mike Olson (MO), Donald Hicks (DH).

iii. Absent:

iv. Staff: Bill P. Stark (BPS).

v. Guests: Frank Brust, Downtown Council; Peter Bruce, Security News; Michelin, Stevens Square.

b. Minutes from the March Board Meeting:

PB asked if anyone suggested changes to the June 1996 minutes.

GR MOVED to approve the June 1996 minutes.

JL SECONDED the motion.

The motion CARRIED unanimously.

Alternate Sandra Meyer is eligible to vote because of an absent Board member.

2. Treasurer's Report--AH

AH distributed copies of the Treasurer's Report.

AH wanted approval from the Board to renew Freenet for $40.00.

JL MOVED that the Board approved this expense.

GR SECONDED the motion.

The motion CARRIED unanimously.

Security News Publication:

AH distributed the 1996 Loring Park and the 1995 downtown information books. AH informed the group that DMRA received an invoice from Peter Bruce for a subscription to the Security News. DMRA has not agree to subscribe to this publication.

3. Executive Director's Report--BPS

a. Central City Neighborhood Partnership

BPS informed the group that the Board would receive a copy of any grant proposal in which the DMRA and the CCNP participated.

BPS informed the group that Michelin was the staff person for the restorative justice program. Michelin stated that she had been training with Jay Clark for the last couple of weeks.

BPS explained that the restorative justice program dealt with people who have committed low-level misdemeanors in the four neighborhoods of the CCNP. These type of people would eventually perform community service for these neighborhoods.

b. NRP Update

BPS stated that the Steering Committee will hold its Fourth meeting on July 22.

BPS distributed the NRP budget revision form number 2 and informed the group that the Steering Committee will be reviewing the revision form.

BPS stated that the Steering Committee is in the process of completing the survey for residents, workers and property owners.

BPS informed the group that the Steering Committee was considering to include the alternates as voting members.

SM MOVED that the DMRA Board allow the Steering Committee to include the alternates as regular members if the Steering Committee desires.

AH SECONDED the motion.

The motion CARRIED unanimously.

c. DMRA Newsletter

BPS stated that the summer edition of The DOWNTOWNER was in the process of being distributed.

4. National Night Out (NNO)

BPS informed the Board that a DMRA informational booth at the NNO would be an effective communication tool. JL, GR, & PB volunteered to run the booth.

BPS stated that he would be mailing each Board member a list of people to call about National Night Out.

BPS stated that MTCO would not provide bus service to this event.

SM wanted to pay for the trolley to make rounds at the different apartment buildings and then be reimbursed by DMRA.

AH MOVED that the DMRA Board pay $400.00 for the trolley.

JL SECONDED the motion.

The motion CARRIED unanimously.

5. Twins Stadium--Bob Saginaw

BS informed the group that he, GR and Frank Brust met with MCDA about this issue. Sites were being explored and no city money will be committed yet. Four square city blocks are needed for a stadium. If a citizen advisory committee is established, DMRA should be represented. The stadium committee will be on the agenda on a "as needed" basis.

Old/Continuing Business: None

1. Election Debate

AH called the League of Women Voters about the election debate. AH will hear from them.

2. Executive Director Review

This meeting was postponed.

New Business:

1. Children's Grand Prix Paul Barber

PB stated that the city had an option to renew for two years. The city received very few complaints about the event. No action is needed by DMRA unless a committee is established by the city sponsors.

2. Security News-Peter Bruce

Peter Bruce discussed the background of his publication, the target audience and alternative ways of financing it. Peter Bruce will require each resident building to pay a subscription fee.

JL MOVED that the Board postpone any decision until the next meeting.

SM SECONDED the motion.

JL & SM withdrew their motions.

JL MOVED that the Board decline any involvement with Security News and wants Peter Bruce to directly contact building management about any fee that he will charge.

GR SECONDED the motion.

The motion CARRIED unanimously.

3. Sawmill Run PB

A public hearing will be held on July 24, 4:30 .m.

4. Walking Tours PB

PB informed the group that walking tours were available for the warehouse district and Nicollet Island.

5. Restorative Justice Program--Michelin, Stevens Square

Michelin needs 6 or 7 names of downtown residents in order to interview them.

6. Other New Business--None

JL MOVED for adjournment.

GR SECONDED the motion.

The motion CARRIED unanimously.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Submitted by Bill Stark, Executive Director

Reviewed by Dee Cotten, Secretary