Board of Directors Meeting


Tuesday, May 21, 1996--7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

314 Hennepin Avenue South

Community Room

Called to Order: 7:00 p.m. by Paul Barber (PB).



1. Secretary's Report--Dee Cotten

a. Roll Call:

i. Directors Present: Paul W. Barber (PB), John LaVine (JL), Dolores Cotten (DC), Andy Hauer (AH), Donald Hicks (DH), Sandra Meyer (SM), Eunice Roo (ER), George Rosenquist (GR).

ii. Excused: Bob B. Saginaw (BBS),

iii. Absent: Mike Olson (MO).

iv. Staff: Bill P. Stark (BPS).

v. Guests: Robert Rivers, Regal Minneapolis Hotel-General Manager; Joe Cassidy, Churchill; Frank Brust, Downtown Council.

b. Minutes from the March Board Meeting:

DC MOVED to approve the April 1996 minutes.

GR SECONDED the motion.

PB made a friendly amendment to change the word "elect" on page seven to "appoint."

JL made a friendly amendment to have the role call reflect that Frank Brust was present at the April Board meeting.

The motion and amendments CARRIED unanimously.

NOTE: Frank Brust subsequently informed BPS that he was in fact not present at the April Board meeting.

Alternate Sandra Meyer is eligible to vote because of absent Board member.

Two DMRA Board members, DC and AH, were appointed to the Housing Community Trust.

2. Treasurer's Report--AH

AH distributed copies of the Treasurer's Report.

AH informed the group that he moved $5,000 from the First Bank account to a new Norwest Bank account and that he intended to move the remainder of the DMRA funds to be Norwest Bank account.

JL MOVED that the transfer from First Bank to Norwest Bank be approved.

ER SECOND the motion.

The motion CARRIED unanimously.

JL MOVED to approve the treasurer's report.

ER SECOND the motion.

The motion CARRIED unanimously.

4. Executive Director's Report--BPS

a. NRP Update

The Steering Committee had its first meeting on April 23rd. BPS is in the process of conducting one-on-one meetings with Steering Committee members. The Steering Committee is considering conducting a survey to determine the issues that are important to the downtown residents, workers, and property owners

b. Intern Program

DMRA was not chosen for an organizer-intern. The Central Community Housing Trust was approved for a organizer-intern for safety/crime issues. Stevens Square will supervise and implement the organizer-intern.

c. Adult Entertainment Impact Study

BPS met with Becky Nash from the University of Minnesota. The manager at Harmony Lofts was complaining about the new adult entertainment club on Second Avenue. BPS attempted to get some feedback from the manager but the situation seems to have subsided and/or the manager is discouraged about controlling adult entertainment in the downtown area.

d. Community Capacity Grant Proposal

DMRA was turned down on this proposal to better represent low-income residents.

e. National Night Out(NNO)

BPS is currently seeking donations for NNO.

ER has discussed getting the trolley for the NNO parade and evening event. This would cost a reduced rate of $100. Possibly, the trolley could pick-up residents at their buildings and take them to the evening National Night Out event.

JL MOVED to approve the $100 for the trolley.

ER SECOND the motion.

The motion CARRIED unanimously.

BPS challenged Board members to invite at least 5 residents to the National Night Out and wanted the Board members to make a resolution to this effect since the DMRA Board has elected to support NNO.

BPS informed the Board of the National Night Out slogan, which is "Downtown, Everyone's Neighborhood."

d. Mpls. Foundation Grant

BPS sent the letter to Ron Hick that specified DMRA's intentions for the Mpls. Foundation grant as articulated at the April Board meeting.

PB suggested that we move number 1 and 2 under New Business section of the agenda to the Reports section of the agenda.

4. Olympic Torch Route Report

PB wished that DMRA would send a map and times of the Olympic Torch Route to the downtown apartment and condominium buildings.

5. Central City Neighborhood Partnership Bill Stark

a. Economic Development Grant

BPS informed the group that the partnership was working on an Economic Development Grant. He explained that Elliott Park and Loring Park were working on art related economic development projects; glass blowing and theater related issues respectively. BPS had discussed the grant with Loren Niemi. Loren and BPS considered the possibility of the downtown neighborhood working on an economic development project that centered around the visual arts and the art galleries in downtown Minneapolis. This project would promote galleries and hopefully curb the exodus of artists and art galleries from the downtown neighborhood. Also, this might complement the theater district.

JL MOVED to approve the development of this economic grant.

ER SECOND the motion.

The motion CARRIED unanimously.

b. Partnership CIP Grant

BPS informed the group the partnership was considering a CIP grant proposal that would support a joint newsletter, electronic newsletter and possibly fundraising. In all probability the grant would primarily involve a joint newsletter.

The Board declined to specifically become involved in the joint newsletter grant but wanted to continue pursuing the DMRA newsletter, The DOWNTOWNER, for the downtown neighborhood. This would help further the goals of creating identity for the downtown neighborhood and encouraging resident participate.

Old/Continuing Business:


New Business:

1. Newsletter Title Contest Bill Stark

BPS distributed copies that showed each newsletter title that had been submitted for the newsletter title contest from the Spring edition of The DOWNTOWNER.

DC MOVED that DMRA keep the current title of The DOWNTOWNER for its newsletter.

SM SECONDED the motion.

The motion CARRIED unanimously.

2. Board Policy about Expressing Condolences Dee Cotten

DC MOVED that DMRA adopt a consistent policy of giving a card and single rose, instead of a bouquet, when the Board wishes to express condolences.

GR SECONDED the motion.

DH OPPOSED the motion.

The motion CARRIED.

DC offered to be the person in charge of delivering the card and single rose.

3. DMRA Newsletter--Articles Bill Stark

BPS urged each Board member to write articles for The DOWNTOWNER and to seek residents and encourage residents to write articles of interest for the publication. This is a great opportunity for anyone to do some writing and have it circulated throughout the downtown area.

4. New Business Paul Barber

a. Heritage Landing--Resident involvement with the planning/development process

Concern was expressed about a letter to MCDA, dated 4/15/96 that stated that Heritage Landing had given a presentation to DMRA about this development. It was noted that no formal presentation had been given.

AH MOVED that PB write a letter to the MCDA stating that Heritage Landing gave "no formal presentation to DMRA" about this development and that the letter be sent also to Pat Scott and Jackie Cherryhomes.

DC SECONDED the motion.

The motion CARRIED unanimously.

b. Announcements

PB mentioned the Kondirator and asked whether DMRA would like to take individual action.

Frank Brust (FB) mentioned the trespasser article in the Skyway News.

FB handed out panhandler cards

GR applauded the good job that BPS had been doing.

AH passed out Heritage Express pamphlets.

PB mentioned the Children's Grand Prix meeting and said buildings to that are near the race will receive information but he thought that other buildings should also receive this information.

ER thanked the DMRA Board for the roses.

Jl MOVED for adjournment.

AH SECONDED the motion.

The motion CARRIED unanimously.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Submitted by Bill Stark, Executive Director

Reviewed by Dee Cotten, Secretary