Board of Directors Meeting


Tuesday, February 20, 1996--7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

The Crossings, 121 Washington Ave. South

Called to Order: 7:00 p.m. by Chair Paul Barber (PB).


1. Secretary's Report--George Rosenquist, (GR)

a. Roll Call:

i. Directors Present: Eunice Roo (ER), Bob Saginaw (BS), Paul Barber, George Rosenquist (GR), John LaVine (JL), Dolores Cotten (DC).

ii. Excused: Andy Hauer, Mike Olson, Donald Hicks.

iii. Absent:

iv. Staff: Bill P. Stark (BPS).

v. Guests: Billie Binder, Council President Cherryhomes' Office; Frank Brust, Minneapolis Downtown Council, Sandra Meyer, RiverGate Apartments.

Minutes from the December Board Meeting:

JL noted that the person who seconds a motion should be noted by name.

JL moved that the December minutes be approved with changes to the "employment agreement" section, which reflect that there was one motion made that contained the three changes to the employment agreement. BS seconded the motion. The motion unanimously carried.

BPS wished to resign. JL moved to accept the resignation. GR seconded the motion. A vote was not taken because other members wanted BPS to reconsider during the meeting. JL agreed to withdraw his motion if GR withdrew his motion; they agreed.

JL moved that the December minutes be approved as amended. ER seconded the motion. The motion unanimously carried. (See attached copy A)

Minutes from the January Board Meeting:

BS moved to postpone any decision about the approval of January minutes until they are revised into a form that is less of a transcription.

JL seconded the motion.

The motion carried.

GR abstained from the vote.

Proposal to Change Board Meeting Dates:

GR discussed DC's proposal to change the Board meeting dates to accommodate Pat Scott.

GR recommended not to do this because this would call for a change in the DMRA bylaws and the established dates of the Board meetings would need to be changed.

2. Treasurer's Report

GR distributed copies of the Treasurer's Report.

3. Executive Director's Report--BPS

BPS informed the Board that the NRP Steering Committee election would be held on Thursday, March 14.

BPS informed the Board that the DMRA newsletter would be completed in a about a week. The newsletter would have the color red added to the front and back pages.

BPS stated that he would be mailing a letter to each Board member. BPS would divide the list of DMRA members and persons who are on the DMRA mailing list so that Board members could call about 20-25 people. Board members would be asked to call people on this list in order to personally inform them about the NRP Steering Committee election.

Old Business:

1. Adult Entertainment

Billie Binder stated that Jackie Cherryhomes does not like the adult entertainment industry.

2. Downtown Grocery Store

Frank Brust informed the Board that Lund's announced that it is seeking a location for a downtown grocery store.

3. Bicycle Committee

PB asked if anyone knew anything about the Bicycle Committee that Donald Hicks was going to form in order to examine the bicycle traffic on Nicollet Mall. The status of the committee was unknown.

4. DMRA Possible Position on the Downtown Council

PB discussed the history of the downtown Council. The Downtown Council has 38 elected directors and 9 or 10 ex officio seats. Initially, the Central Community Council had an ex officio seat on the Downtown Council, GR held that ex officio seat. After the Central Community Council disbanded, the Downtown Council did not replace that seat with a DMRA position.

Last October, GR was elected as one of the 38 directors under the impression that he was a DMRA representative.

If DMRA wants an ex officio seat on the Downtown Council, the Downtown Council would have to change its bylaws. Frank Brust stated that the ex officio seat would cost $365.00 per year plus $17/month for lunch. The proposal would have to be put to the Downtown Council by this summer.

JL moved that DMRA ask to be considered for "nonprofit status" at the Downtown Council annual meeting or alternatively that DMRA be considered for a ex officio seat at the lowest possible fee. DC seconded the motion. The motion carried. GR abstained from voting.

5. DMRA 1996 Goals

PB discussed the 4 DMRA goals for 1996. The Board had selected these goals at the January Board meeting, BPS had summarized them, and there was no need for further refinement. ER moved to adopt these goals. DC seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

New Business:

1. NRP Amended Participation Agreement

a. Changes by GR (See attached copy B)

GR introduced several changes.

GR moved to adopt the five changes that he introduced. BS seconded the motion. Discussion ensued. Some members thought that the budget amendment was unnecessary.

GR amended his motion. He proposed to adopt the first and third change but to strike the fourth and fifth changes and that the second change had all ready been agreed upon by creating a 13-month timetable. DC Seconded the motion. JL did not support this motion. The motion carried.

Addendum 3/7/96: After discovering that the NRP staff would not approve this change, a voice vote was taken. The following voted to reverse this change: AH, MO, PB, JL, GR, BS (once I (Paul Barber) had five votes, I stopped calling--BS called back and was vote number six).

b. Changes by BS (See attached copy C or the NRP Participation Agreement)

BS introduced a change to the section concerning DMRA's relationship with DNRP.

BS moved to adopt his changes. ER seconded the motion. Discussion ensued about the last sentence in the second paragraph, which found it unnecessary.

BS amended his motion to strike the last sentence of the second paragraph. ER seconded the amended motion. The motion carried unanimously.

c. NRP Changes (Reflected in the final copy of the Participation Agreement.)

The Board approved the changes that NRP proposed.

2. Family and Children Initiatives Services

GR asked for a Board member to attend the luncheon meeting. DC volunteered.

3. Other New Business

a. Twins New Baseball Stadium

BS moved to establish a committee to monitor any new baseball stadium for the Minnesota Twins. ER Seconded the motion

JL amended the motion to specifically state that the committee would seek a participatory role in any plans for a baseball stadium. The motion carried unanimously.

PB appointed GR, JL, and BS to the "baseball stadium committee." They would appoint a chair and make reports.

b. Secretary Resignation

GR resigned as Secretary.

c. Announcement:

PB will not be at the next Board meeting. Mike Olson will chair the March-Board meeting. The meeting will be held at La Salle Apartments.

DC Moved for adjournment.

ER Seconded the motion.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Submitted by Bill Stark, Executive Director

Reviewed by Paul Barber, Chair