Downtown Minneapolis Residents Association

Board Meeting Minutes, January 16, 1996

Centre Village--7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Called to Order: 7:00 p.m. by Chair Paul Barber, (PB).


1. Secretary's Report--George Rosenquist, (GR)

a. Roll Call:

i. Directors Present: Andy Hauer (AH), Eunice Roo (ER), Mike Olson (MO), Bob Saginaw (BS), Paul Barber, George Rosenquist, John Lavine (JL), Dolores Cotten (DC).

ii. Excused:

iii. Absent: Donald Hicks.

iv. Staff: Bill P. Stark (BPS).

v. Guests: Billie Binder, Council President Cherryhomes' Office; Frank Brust, Minneapolis Downtown Council.

2. Treasurer's Report--AH

Approved. (copy provided)

Review Letter of support for the "Partnership for Downtown Safety":

GR presented a letter of support to be signed by PB an discussed the features of the "Partnership," noting that DMRA had been involved in this effort since its beginning. Frank Brust noted that this grant request was for the capital expenses needed to build-out the downtown command headquarters that 706 First Avenue North and that the private business sector will be called-on to provide the $30,000 operating cost. He added that their would be two shifts of beat patrol in addition to a squad control. DC mentioned that Rivergate had instituted a 24-hour security presence because of increased theft during the holidays.

JL made a motion that DMRA write a letter of endorsement. A second to the motion was heard.

The motion was unanimously passed.

Minutes from the January Board Meeting:

JL made a motion that the Board refrain from approving the minutes until the next Board meeting so that everyone would have an opportunity to review them.

The motion was unanimously approved.

Executive Director's Report--BPS

BPS informed the Board that the target date for the NRP Steering Committee election would be in late February.

BPS informed the Board about the DMRA newsletter. BPS invited Board members to write for the DMRA newsletter. He also stated that the newsletter distribution would be coordinated with the NRP Steering Committee election. BPS discussed the newsletter title contest, which would be implemented to generate interest in the newsletter and DMRA.

BPS stated that Skyway News would be given NRP Steering Committee material to print in it.

BPS stated that DMRA has no office, which is creating some difficulties, such as, a return address and a place where interested residents can call.

BPS stated that each Board member could call a number of DMRA members before the NRP Steering Committee election to interest them in the election. BPS will give this list to the Board members in the future. He also stated that a free raffle at the NRP Steering Committee election might also generate interest.

DMRA also needs to devise a strategy for delivering fliers.

Old Business: None

PB asked if anyone knew anything about the "Bicycle Committee" that Donald Hicks was going to form in order to examine the bicycle traffic on Nicollet Mall.

Frank Brust informed the Board that the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee would meet on the first Wednesday in February to decide on what to do with the bicycles on the Nicollet Mall. This decision will then be presented to the Minneapolis City Council.

BB stated that Minneapolis must give bicyclists an alternative and enforce the existing laws on bicyclists.

New Business:

1. Discussion of 1996 DMRA Board objectives

The Board formulated ideas for 1996 DMRA Board objectives. Initially, each person at the meeting presented one or two ideas for 1996 Board objectives. The Board and other persons present continued to brainstorm for additional ideas.

Four major 1996 DMRA Board goals were formulated:

1. Increase active DMRA membership.

2. Create neighborhood identity in the downtown area.

3. Participate in the downtown-planning process.

4. Better communication with downtown residents and DMRA members.

Other proposed goals/objectives/strategies:

Create awareness of DMRA.

Develop block-club scheme.

Quarterly newsletter.

Formal DMRA committee structure.

Provide benefit for residents who become involved in DMRA (tangible and nontangible).

Create a fun DMRA process, such as, showing movies for residents or planning a DMRA-block party.

Become creative in promoting DMRA and encouraging resident participation.

2. Review Board/Committee assignments

a. Review assignments:

PB asked if any Board members had questions about the Board/Committee assignment sheet. He also asked Board members to check for accuracy and any additions that needed to be made.

GR stated that the Metro 2010 plan will be finalized on a meeting on February 10.

b. George Rosenquist's Relationship Between DMRA and the Downtown Council Board:

"Rosenquist stated that for the past five years, at Board approval, he had acted as the (DMRA) liaison to the Minneapolis Downtown Council at his own expense and that he was willing to continue this relationship as it had worked well for the DMRA. Rosenquist stated that the seat he holds on the Downtown Council was privately held by himself through his membership eligibility as a downtown business owner and as there was no current provision for DMRA eligibility on the downtown Council."

"The Board deferred re-appointing Rosenquist as its representative on the Downtown Council and directed Chairman Barber to discuss with the Council possible independent DMRA membership on the Council - Barber to report same at it next meeting."

3. NRP Steering Committee Election Date

BPS informed the Board that the Steering Committee election should occur within a month to one and one-half months from the Board meeting. The target date for the NRP Steering Committee election would be in late February. He asked for Board feedback on a preferred date.

GR preferred March. Other members wanted to avoid March 4, 5 or 6.

BPS informed Board members that they should be at the NRP Steering Committee election. He also stated that the NRP Participation Agreement would be amended soon.

4. DMRA Newsletter Title

BPS requested that DMRA might generate interest in the newsletter by conducting a contest to christen the newsletter. The residents would select a title. The residents that selected the winning title would then be entered into a drawing for a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize. The Board agreed that this was a good plan.

Through the NRP process, a mass mailing will be conducted.

5. Other New Business

PB asked if there was any other new business.

He thanked people for condolences and flowers.

PB also informed the Board of the new E-mail.

PB asked everyone to look at the letter from the Mayor about Peavey Plaza.

PB asked people to consider whether the NRP Steering Committee election would constitute a general/quarterly DMRA membership meeting.

PB asked for other announcements or issues. There were none.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Submitted by Bill Stark, Executive Director

Reviewed by George Rosenquist, Secretary