Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association
Minutes from
August 14, 2001 Board of Directors Meeting

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors of the Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association, Inc. (DMNA) was held on Tuesday, August 14, 2001 at the Minneapolis Central Library, 300 Nicollet Mall, Room 310, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I.    Call to Order

Without a quorum present, Jerrie Hayes, Chair, convened the meeting at 7:05 p.m.  Other board members in attendance included:  Monroe Bell; Rocco Forte; Andrew Hauer; Mark Moller, Treasurer; and Carletta Sweet, Secretary.  Board members not in attendance were Larry Calhoun, Vice Chair; Rebecca Hetzler; Daniel Hunt; Glenn Johannesen; Eric Mitchell; and Joan WillshireNonboard members in attendance included Paul Barber, DMNA webmaster; Dee Cotten, Restorative Justice representative; Lisa Goodman, 7th Ward Councilmember; Sue Jahn and George Rosenquist, both of the NRP Implementation Committee; and Scott Russell of the Southwest Journal.

II.  Introduction and Announcements

Lisa made the following announcements: 

     The great feedback she received regarding the downtown’s National Night Out and her regrets for not being able to attend due to her required attendance at one of the other 32 National Night Out events conducted in the 7th Ward.

     The next Lunch with Lisa to be held on Wednesday, August 27th at the Acadia Cafe; topic to be determined. 

     The recent mailing of her newsletter “Spotlight On Seven” (see Attachment 1) to all 7th Ward registered voters (i.e., 15,200 people) that contains a survey requesting feedback on city services.  Out of an annual office operating budget of $10,200, Lisa advised that this one bulk mailing totaling approximately $7,000 depleted her budget for the remainder of the year.  Although this mailing could be paid for from campaign funds, Lisa felt justified in expending this amount from the operating budget because it is chock full of pertinent and positive information and requires a significant amount of time to compile the data, write, edit, print and distribute.

     Prompted by an inquiry from the Chair, Lisa advised she has a “ride along” program wherein anyone interested may sign up to ride along with Lisa throughout the day to see what a typical day is like for a councilmember.

     The imminent approval by the Transportation Public Works Committee for the “wave design” of the LTR at Nicollet Mall on Thursday, August 16th.  In the meantime Xcel Energy is putting together its plans to move utilities and as a consequence we should anticipate the permanent closure of 5th Street from the highway entrance to Butler Square.  However, due to the lane use oversight fee Lisa implemented, construction blockage resulting in traffic congestion at other downtown sites has been reduced.  The proposed completion date for LRT is estimated to be sometime in 2004.

     The unique aspects of the proposed new Minneapolis Central Library including special section for teens and seniors.  This project also consists of a retail, residential and planetarium piece as well.  The architect selection process has been narrowed down to three local teams:  Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates (New York City) with RSP Architects (Minneapolis); Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle with Ellerbe Becket (both Minneapolis); and Cesar Pelli & Associates (New Haven, Connecticut) with Architectural Alliance (Minneapolis).  If all goes according to planned, a second interview of the teams will be conducted on Thursday, August 23rd.  Thereafter, an introduction of the selected architect at a public meeting is planned for mid September, followed by user group participation team involvement.

     The proposed opening date for the new downtown Target Store is October 14th.

     The meeting she and Jackie Cherryhomes had with the Hennepin Avenue Streetscape Project committee regarding DMNA’s proposed participation.  Lisa pitched that  DMNA’s participation should be in the form of a loan versus a grant in order to direct the lump sum repayment toward housing.

     The approval of the St. Thomas project.   

III.  Old Business

A.  July Board Meeting Minutes

The Chair asked if there were any amendments, corrections or edits to the contents of the board minutes from July 2001.  There being no objections to the contents, the minutes from July 2001 were approved by consensus.

B.   Committee Reports

1.  Land Use Committee Report.  Mark advised that due to National Night Out no LUC meeting was held.  Mark extended congratulations to Dee Cotten, Andy Hauer, and Sue Jahn for their coordination of the event.  However Mark may need to call a special meeting before the next regularly scheduled LUC meeting due to First Avenue’s signage and a Class A liquor license request for space at the International Design Center building.

As a result of the two most recent LRT meetings he had attended, Mark expressed his concerns regarding its engineering design, user experience, and impact on the surrounding neighborhoods.

2.  Housing Committee Report.  No Housing Committee meeting was held and therefore no report was submitted.

3.  Finance Committee Report.  Mark submitted and explained the attached July/August 2001 Treasurer’s Report (See Attachment 2).  For further clarification, Mark explained that for record-keeping purposes he will only pay whole invoices based upon amount of funds available.  Therefore, in the case of the Downtown Council, he submitted $4,796.25 because it was the largest unpaid invoice.  Thereafter he’ll pay the oldest and largest whole unpaid invoice and so on (a letter to that effect accompanied the payment to the Downtown Council).

In response to Dee’s inquiry regarding the resolution of last year’s National Night Out unpaid reimbursements (i.e., $100 for entertainment, $20 for gasoline), Mark advised that once he receives appropriate documentation for expenses incurred, he would submit payment to the appropriate vendor(s).

4.         Public Relations Committee ReportCarletta requested that the following stationary items be printed:  500 sheets of letterhead, 250 envelopes, and 500 business cards with the approved DMNA logo design (Attachment 3).  The board agreed to such printing but at a later date since the first priority is to develop the post cards for the upcoming annual meeting in November.  In the meantime to use the letterhead template and print out as required. 

5.  Ad hoc Employment Committee Report.  Due to the extensive efforts of the Chair and the Treasurer toward compiling and submitting the 1999-2000 audit materials, no ADEC meeting was held.  However, Mark will follow up with Barbara Lichness regarding this matter to discuss appropriate next steps.

6.  Implementation Committee Report.  Rocco advised the board that the IC met to discuss drafting the Phase 1 Plan and from his perspective Andy Hauer and George Rosenquist had pulled together fairly similar plans (see Attachments 4 and 5).  The Chair advised that having received projects ideas from DMNA’s First Step Plan, the MCDA, and city departments, DMNA now needed to obtain project ideas from the downtown community.  Unlike the procedure followed in the First Step Phase wherein small task forces generated ideas that bubbled up through the process and got decided upon, for the Phase 1 Plan the public and other invested constituents will be asked via public notice to submit their project proposals to DMNA in writing (via U.S. mail or email) no later than September 4, 20001, or alternatively to bring it to the next board meeting on September 11th.  The Chair explained that these project proposals should contain definitive ideas with project goals and values served, an implementation outline, timeline, range of costs, man hours required, etc.  Thereafter a booklet of all proposals will be assembled for public review at the next regularly scheduled meeting in October.  After all projects have been presented, votes will be taken via dotmocracy to ascertain prioritization.  DMNA will then use this priortization to develop its final Phase 1 Plan for presentation at the annual meeting on November 13th.

Given the time constraint for the Hennepin Avenue Streetscape Project, the Chair took a straw vote to ascertain board support for loaning $350,000 to the project.  All six board members present voted in favor; Mark to follow up with Barbara Lichness to determine appropriate next steps.

IV. New Business

Dee Cotten and Monroe Bell advocated financial assistance from DMNA to obtain additional downtown public restroom facilities since public urination is an increasing public offense that CCNP Restorative Justice is encountering.  The Chair advised that either CCNP or any some other concerned downtown constituent should submit their project proposal as explained earlier in the meeting by the due date of September 4th. 

Paul Barber updated the board regarding his DMNA web master role (see Attachment 6).

V. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Signed and approved by

______________________________                                    ______________________________
Chair                                                                                       Secretary

Attachment 1

[Spotlight on Seven dated August 2001]

Attachment 2

[July/August 2001 Treasurer’s Report]

Attachment 3

[DMNA logo]

Attachment 4

[Andy Hauer’s Phase One Plan for DMNA, Inc.]]

Attachment 5

[George Rosenquist’s Phase One Plan for DMNA, Inc.]

Attachment 6

[DMNA Web Master]