Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association
Minutes from
July 11, 2000 Board of Directors Meeting

A regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors of the Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association, Inc. (DMNA) was held on Tuesday, July 11, 2000 at the Minneapolis Central Library, 300 Nicollet Mall, Room 310, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I.    Call to Order and Announcements

With a quorum present, Jerrie Hayes, Chair, convened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.  Other board members in attendance included:  Jack Becker, Monroe Bell, Larry Calhoun, Dee Cotten, Secretary, Andrew Hauer, Sue Jahn, and Joan Wilshire.  Board members unable to attend were Janis LaDouceur, Al Smith, Vice Chair, Carletta Sweet, and Roberta Webb-Streib, Treasurer.  Nonboard members in attendance included Dorothy Bridges, President of Franklin National Bank; Craig Krupitz of Mill Place; Scott Engel, DMNA/NRP Coordinator; Lisa Goodman, 7th Ward City Councilmember, and Douglas Gardner, Administrative Assistant; George Rosenquist, NRP Implementation Committee; Scott Russell of the Southwest Journal; and a presentative from HTG Architects.

The Chair announced and encouraged attendance to the Aquatennial festivities currently going on downtown, and the upcoming DMNA-sponsored National Night Out on Tuesday, August 1 at the Federal Reserve Bank Bandshell adjacent to the Hennepin Avenue Bridge.

II. Action on the February, March, and April 2000 Minutes

The Chair moved and Dee seconded to approve the February, March, and April 2000 board minutes.  The motion was carried unanimously.

III.  Downtown Neighborhood Update from Lisa Goodman

Lisa announced CLPC’s National Night Out on Monday, August 1, on the Loring Greenway occurring simultaneously as that of DMNA’s.  Lisa then advised that her office had not received any written questions and/or comments from DMNA’s board to the 2000 Downtown Minneapolis Transportation Study presentation and materials distributed at the last board meeting.  She encouraged those who wished to do so to contact her office as soon as possible so she could testify on their behalf at the next public meeting.  Lastly, the next “Lunch with Lisa” is scheduled for the last Wednesday of the month at noon at the Acadia Café, with Representative Margaret Anderson Kelleher giving a debriefing on the legislative session and what issues affected the City of Minneapolis.

IV. Land Use Committee Update

A.  Salvation Army Hope Harbor Housing Project

The Chair advised the board that this project had been reviewed by the Land Use Committee and that a couple representatives from the Salvation Army came and answered questions at its last meeting after which the Committee decided to make no recommendations, either for or against.  The Director of the Health Partner Project and Tim O’Brien, Architect, came to the current meeting to further enlighten the board on the project and ask for a letter of support.  The Salvation Army is proposing 96 units of permanent supportive housing to be located on the corner of Glenwood Avenue and 10th Street North built for the homeless, those in a sheltered system, and for low income individuals with an estimated completion date of December 2001.  The main floor of the building will be comprised of a social services office, a conference room, office space for two full-time property management staff, vehicle storage as well as building storage space.  The remaining upper four levels will each contain:  24 SRO-style units (23 regular and 1 handicapped accessible) comprised of a bathroom, kitchen, sleeping area and closet space; an office for a case manager; and a community room.  Each floor will function as a separate community and the occupants will decide the community room’s function (e.g., library, exercise room).  The proposed property will also have a brick exterior facade, electronically controlled entry doors, 24-hour front desk reception, an elevator, four full-time janitors, a courtyard and some green space.  Forty-six of the units must be allocated for those diagnosed as disabled and homeless which will alleviate some of the space crunches at the Harbor Light and United Way shelters.

After the Chair entertained questions and comments from the board, representatives from the business community and residents from the proposed project area, Andy moved and Monroe seconded to approve the Harbor Housing project with the provision that the Salvation Army provide to Inspector Labinski of the 7th Precinct a complete security program for both the Hope Habor Housing project as well as the 1010 Currie Avenue site.  The motion was carried by a majority of the quorum present.  The Chair advised that a letter to that effect would be forwarded to them from the Land Use Committee within a week.

B.  Mill Place and River Trails Apartments

The Chair advised the board that both the proposed 122-unit Mill Place project and the 132-unit River Trails Apartments project to be erected on 2nd Street South between 3rd and 5th Avenues South were previously reviewed by the Land Use Committee and approved unanimously for recommendation.  Craig then explained the overall site plan (see architectural renderings) and funding for the project.  As edification, the Chair advised the board that these two projects were a result of Requests for Proposal sent out by the City of Minneapolis through the MCDA, criterion for which included replacing the surface parking that would be displaced, disability accessibility, design and historic preservations issues.

After the Chair entertained questions, Andy moved and Dee seconded to approve the Mill Place and River Trails Apartments projects as recommended by the Land Use Committee.  The motion was carried unanimously and the Chair advised Craig that he would receive a letter to that effect within the next week.

C.  Franklin Bank (525 Washington Avenue North)

The Chair advised the board that this proposed reconstruction to be located at the intersection of Washington Avenue North and 6th Avenue North had also been reviewed by the Land Use Committee and approved unanimously for recommendation.  The overall site plan was presented(see architectural renderings), and Dorothy expounded on the mission of Franklin Bank for choosing this site (i.e., to expand its community relationships in Minneapolis by increasing its assets, customers, and locations). 

After the Chair entertained questions, Andy moved and Joan seconded to approve the Franklin Bank project as recommended by the Land Use Committee.  The motion was carried unanimously.

V. Other business

Scott gave the board his requisite 30 days notice of departure due to his new job with the Carat(?) neighborhood, and that he would be assisting the board in finding another coordinator.  The board congratulated him and thanked him for all his work.

V. Adjournment

There being no more time for the other agenda items, the meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Signed and approved by

______________________________                                    ______________________________
Chair                                                                                       Secretary

Attachments, if appropriate