Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association
Minutes from
November 21, 2000
Annual Board Meeting and Election of Board Members

The annual board meeting and election of the Board of Directors of the Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association, Inc. (DMNA) was held on Tuesday, November 21, 2000 at the Minneapolis Central Library, Heritage Hall, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I.    Call to Order and Announcements

With a quorum present, Jerrie Hayes, Chair, convened the meeting 7:05 p.m.  After introductions by current board members, the chair turned the floor over to Lisa Goodman, 7th Ward Councilmember.  Lisa addressed the audience regarding two matters:  one good – approval of the downtown Minneapolis library referendum which she solicited active involvement by DMNA in the redevelopment process; and one bad – over 850 homeless and approximately 3,000 in transition or shelter-type facility.  Lisa indicated that in addition to DMNA, the Central Community Housing Trust (CCHT) as well as private developers continue to work towards mitigating this situation.

Then 5th Ward Councilmember and City Council President, Jackie Cherryholmes, also addressed the audience regarding affordable housing.  Jackie indicated that within her ward near the riverfront, one of the fastest growing housing areas in downtown, is a mixed income and mixed housing community.  Jackie also updated the audience on the proposed improvements to Washington Avenue, components to include:  the restoration of the viaduct by J.D. Hoyt’s by the Historical Society; widening of sidewalks to improve the pedestrian character of the avenue; installation of historic streetlight fixtures; and the relocation of Franklin National Bank’s corporate headquarters.

After Lisa and Jackie entertained questions, the Chair then thanked DMNA board members Dee Cotton, Sue Jahn and Al Smith for preparing the materials for the annual meeting on display in the lobby.

Luther Kruger from the downtown command of the Minneapolis Police Department then addressed the audience on the year-to-date status of crime within the downtown area:  significant drop in most major crimes; car break-ins down but recent spike attributed to out-of-towners dropping their guard; and big spike in residential burglary during the spring and summer primarily attributed to domestic conflicts.  For further information regarding specific crimes and statistics, Luther encouraged the audience to contact them directly.

II.  Nominations and Elections

Since only six candidates submitted their names (i.e., Larry Calhoun, Chief Rocco Forte, Dan Hunt, Glenn Johannesen, Mark Moller, and Carletta Sweet) for the nine board positions, the Chair opened the floor for additional nominations.  Andy Hauer nominated the two co-chairs for National Night Out, Sue Jahn and Dee Cotten, and each accepted.  Al Smith nominated himself and Jim Grabek who accepted.  Sue Jahn nominated Ed Lynch and Rebecca Hetzler.  ??? nominated Steve York.   Dale White nominated Monroe Bell who declined.  Eric Mitchell nominated himself.  Andy then nominated a Churchill resident, Joyce Ryan who declined.   ??? nominated George Rosenquist.  Bobbie Simpson nominated herself.  ??? nominated Jim O’Connor.

After closing nominations, the following names were submitted as nominees:  Larry Calhoun, Carletta Sweet, Mark Moller, Chief Rocco Forte, Glenn Johannesen, Dan Hunt, Sue Jahn, Dee Cotten, Al Smith, Jim Grabek, Ed Lynch, Rebecca Hetzler, Steve York, Eric Mitchell, George Rosenquist, Bobbie Simpson, and Jim O’Connor.

Thereafter the Chair gave the nominees 2 minutes to introduce themselves and offer their qualifications.  Then ballots were cast, collected and counted.

While ballots were being counted, the Chair addressed the audience regarding DMNA’s 2001 agenda.  A primary item that has been and will continue to be on the agenda is downtown housing, its affordability and livability, and the services necessary to sustain the community.  A second item that will be on the forefront of the agenda for the next couple months will be the Restorative Justice Project, a pilot project established to help eliminate nuisance crime offenders.  And third, a family-focused project to improve the family-friendliness of the downtown community.  Jerrie solicited participation by the audience in these and other projects that DMNA is involved.

Andy Hauer moved that Article 6, Section 2 of DMNA’s Bylaws be changed, effective November 21, 2000, from Board of Directors shall consist of 12 members to Board of Directors shall consist of 20 members.  The Chair would not entertain the motion since such motion requires 30 days notice and no such notice had been given.

Thereafter the results of the election were given as follows:

2-year term:    Larry Calhoun, Rocco Forte, Dan Hunt, Glenn Johannesen,
Mark Muller, Carletta Sweet

1-year term:    Jim Grabek, Rebecca Hetzler, Eric Mitchell

III.  Adjournment

There being no further business to address, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Signed and approved by

______________________________                                    ______________________________
Chair                                                                                       Secretary