Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association
Minutes from Board of Directors Meeting on Tuesday, May 11, 2004
800 LaSalle Avenue South, Suite 131, Minneapolis

I.          Call to Order

Kim Motes called the meeting to order at 6:28 p.m.  Other board members in attendance were:  David Abele, Dee Cotten, Andrew Hauer, Jodi Pfarr, Gene Nessly, and Carletta Sweet.  Tom Hoch was unavailable.  Nonboard members in attendance included:  June Harmon, financial consultant; 1st Precinct CPS Luther Kruger and Officer Craig Williams; Christie Rock, DMNA Coordinator; George Rosenquist, downtown resident; Paul Zerby, 2nd Ward Councilmember.

II.        Consideration of April 2004 Minutes

The minutes from the April 13, 2004 board meeting were approved as amended by majority vote to reflect Jodi Pfarr’s absence.

III.       Consideration of April 2004 Financial Reports

June Harmon distributed and Gene Nessly explained the F2004 Budget vs. Actual as of April 2004; the Profit & Loss statement for April 2004; and the Wells Fargo check register for April 1-30, 2004.  These financial documents were unanimously received and filed.

As a follow up to a request David Abele made regarding lowering DMNA’s bank account expense, June advised that she conferred with Wells Fargo Bank to ascertain options.  The $7 monthly expense DMNA currently incurs (i.e., a requisite $2 return checks fee for audit purposes, and a $5 fee for an interest bearing account) can be reduced by switching from the current interest bearing business account to a non-interest bearing business account for a monthly savings of $5.  To put this savings option into effect, June will need to submit to the bank a copy of DMNA’s board minutes wherein a motion to approve such action has been passed along with a cover letter from a board officer agreeing to such action.  Thereafter a motion directing June to pursue reducing the $5 monthly expense charged against DMNA’s bank account was unanimously approved.    

IV.       Consideration of Year 30 Citizen Participation Budget

Christie Rock explained DMNA’s CP budget for Year 30 that she had emailed prior to the meeting.  Because of the reorganization of the Minneapolis Community Development Agency (MCDA) into the Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED), neighborhood allocations from this federally funded program will now be calculated at 7/12 of their 2003 allocations.  DMNA’s Year 30 CP budget of $1,392 is 7/12 of its 2003 allocation and these funds will be added to the Year 29 contract.  The Chair will receive a letter directing June to amend the existing CP contract to reflect this change and to gain access to the funds.  According to Christie the spend-down date was also changed from the end of the fiscal year (i.e., May 31) to the end of the calendar year (i.e., December 31).  June explained that the categories within the CP budget are guidelines and the amounts allocated for each are at the board’s discretion.  Thereafter a motion to approve the Year 30 CP budget was unanimously passed.     

V.        Update from Councilmember Paul Zerby

Paul announced the rollout of the restructured 90-day summer SAFE program wherein the Minneapolis Police Department will hone in on repeat/chronic offenders.   The new structure will require pulling 14 SAFE officers from the least violent neighborhoods (e.g., the 1st Precinct) and reassigning them to the most violent crime neighborhoods (specifically 7 to the 3rd and 7 to the 4th precincts).  Paul stated that the one place he’s worried about is Cedar-Riverside due to the very compact and diverse nature of the area and indicated that Inspector Rob Allen has put this high on his list of priorities.  Paul also stated that this restructured program will include a step-up program for jobs and advised that if any one had any summer jobs for youth available to call 612-399-9999.

Paul reminded the board of his efforts toward coordinating the activities of the respective law enforcement agencies (Minneapolis Police Department, the U of MN Police, Park and Recreation Board Police, Metro Transit Police, etc.) to improve public safety.

Lastly, Paul expressed his strong support for banning smoking in bars and restaurants and encouraged DMNA to notify the City Council if its members were also in favor of the ban. 

VI.       1st Precinct Public Safety Update

Craig Williams advised that the Minneapolis Police Department held a meeting with SAFE officers to discuss the restructured summer program and his take-away is that it is their job to be proactive rather than reactive in bringing down crime in all communities by working with the appropriate agencies, businesses, and neighborhood associations.

Craig also distributed and summarized the 10-page Nuisance Night Hearing Program Second Quarterly Report dated May 5, 2004 prepared by Deputy City Attorney Dana Banwer and Assistant City Attorney Lois Regnier Conroy, and the 1-page Nuisance Night Hearing Program memo dated May 4, 2004 from Gena Gerard.  Craig stated that the biggest point is getting the officers knowledgeable and excited about administrative citations and explained under what conditions an administrative citation could be issued.

Luther Kruger, a staunch supporter of the one-of-a-kind CCP/SAFE program (i.e., the pairing of a police officer with a community organizer), expressed his disappointment if it were to be dissolved after the 90-day summer term.  In the meantime, services already in place for downtown will continue including the mapping of chronic offenders.

VII.     Other Business/Announcements

Mississippi Watershed Management Organization Grant/Demonstration Project

As a follow up to her April 27th email to the board asking for input regarding the $40,000 grant application to the MWMO, Christie advised that she will need to contact MWMO for more specifics regarding the Star Tribune’s demonstration project.  She also informed the board that Tom Hoch has been talking with the Downtown Council regarding the City’s significantly larger EPA grant for the greening of downtown.  No action was required by the board pending additional information on how these enhancement funds can be leveraged and where the sites will be located.


Plan Modification Strategies

Christie explained that DMNA’s next steps for the Planetarium and the Shubert Performing Arts and Education Center would be to put together a Scope of Service for each.  However it is advisable to hold off on doing so until it is determined whether the bonding bill for them goes through the legislature later this month.

Christie advised that sometime last month she wrote to the advertising agency Kim Motes indicated had expressed interest in doing pro bono work for the “Go Before You Go” program and that she is still awaiting their response.  Kim then agreed to touch base with this agency and restated that the intent of the GBYG program is to create more press awareness of the public urination issue by finding a design firm willing to work on a pro bono basis and allocating $10,000 of DMNA’s funds for purchasing materials.  Kim also expressed her dismay at the lack of responsibility downtown bar owners showed toward this issue and the need to generate awareness among them as well as the public.   

Restorative Justice Program Update

Dee informed the board that the RJP is now working on getting its 501(c)(3) done by July 1, 2005 because CCNP wants more room which probably means RJP finding new space.  They had one offender and a conference with him and instead of 8 hours of community service he did 25 hours.  The offender was apparently so pleased with the program that he asked Gena if he could join RJP’s Advisory Team.  Dee also announced that Mike Rollins will be leaving the RJP on May 14th to pursue an unexpected writing opportunity at the university.


Kim announced that the LRT Station Celebration Team is looking for volunteers for this June 26th event.  Kim will be involved with the Warehouse District station and that the three historic theaters as well as the Schubert will be open for tours.  Gene advised that he and Tom will be coordinating the theater events.

Kim also announced the Minneapolis Police Department’s 1st Precinct Open House the following day on May 12th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  


VIII.    Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Signed this ________ day of ________________________, 2004.

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Chair                                                                            Secretary