Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, March 11, 2003
800 LaSalle Avenue South, Suite 131

I.          Call to Order

With a quorum present, Tom Hoch called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  Other board members present were:  Dee Cotten; Andrew Hauer; Kim Motes, Vice Chair; Gene Nessly, Treasurer; and Carletta Sweet, Secretary.  Leslie Hirsch and Mark Moller were unable to attend.  Nonboard members in attendance included:  Ann Calvert, MCDA; Gena Gerard and Mike Rollin, CCNP Restorative Justice Program; June Harmon, financial consultant; Luther Kruger, 1st Precinct; Ellen Nigon, Skyway News; and Christie Rock, DMNA coordinator.

II.        Land Use Committee Report

Andy advised that as a result of the LUC meeting held on Tuesday, March 4th, there are seven agenda items before the board of which four require board approval:

·        Class C-1 liquor license for Marshall Field’s Marketplace at 1070 Nicollet Mall

·        Class C liquor license for the Bombay Bistro at 820 Marquette Avenue

·        Class C-2 liquor license the New Amsterdam Café and Wine Bar at 112 North 3rd Street

·        Two parking sign variances for Equity Properties’ U.S. Bank facility at 800 Nicollet Mall on the LaSalle Avenue side; one for a backlit sign and one to increase the signage projection from 4’ to 5’6”.

Dee moved and Gene seconded to approve all liquor licenses and the two sign variances.  The motion was carried unanimously.

Andy then updated the board on the three LUC items which required no action of the board:

·        The 16-item Guthrie Theater land use and parking variances.  Andy also advised that he had approached the Guthrie regarding their use of DMNA’s window for display.  Andy then asked the Finance Committee to check with Equity Properties for approval for such display.  Although not required, Andy moved and Carletta seconded to support said variances.  The motion was carried unanimously.

·        The Metro Building’s encroachment permit for an entry awning on 9th Street and Marquette Avenue

·        Brighton Development’s rental project update on Parcel D

III.       CCNP Restorative Justice Report

As a brief orientation for new board members, Gena Gerard and Mike Rollins distributed literature and gave a historical and financial update of the CCNP Restorative Justice Program then explained how one could become an active participate.  Gena advised that since CCNP RJP has lost both its State and City funding, neighborhood participation is more important than ever and thanked DMNA for its continued support.

IV.       Consideration of Minutes from February 2003

Tom moved and Dee seconded to approve the minutes from the February 2003.  The minutes were approved unanimously.

V.        Announcements

Tom announced the following:

·        The 6th annual “Take Back the Night” coalition meetings that begun on February 11th, 6 p.m. at Minnesota Public Interest Research Group, and will be held every Tuesday until the event in April.

·        An inquiry he received from a University of Minnesota student, regarding DMNA’s position on extending bar times from 1:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.  Tom advised the inquirer he would follow up with him after he had conferred with the board.  After a brief discussion, the board agreed it would need more information to develop a position.  Tom will follow up with Dario Antimo from the Warehouse Business Association to gain a broader perspective.

·        Neighborhood Statement email from Jeff Langaard in support of NRP.

·        National Youth Service Day on Saturday, April 12, 2003.  Volunteers are needed to complete service projects at local parks and nonprofit organizations in the Twin Cities metro area.

·        Email from Alan Arthur advising of Central Community Housing Trust’s “Building Dreams” presentation dates.

VI.       February 2003 Financial Report

June Harmon submitted the F2003 Budget vs. Actual as of February 2003, Profit & Loss YTD Comparison as of February 2003, and the Wells Fargo check register from February 1-28, 2003.  These financial documents were received and filed.  June also submitted the F2003 Budget as of March 11, 2003 and entertained questions.  Gene moved and Carletta seconded to approve the F2003 Budget.  The motion was approved unanimously.

VII.     NRP Affordable Housing Report

Tom distributed a draft of the DMNA “Affordable Housing 2003” document and explained how he believed the board should move forward on its affordable housing effort (i.e., provide “gap funding” for projects winding their way through MCDA).  After a brief discussion, the board agreed to Tom’s suggested path.

VIII.    NRP Neighborhood Action Plan

Kim reminded the board of the urgency to review its Action Plan in order to ascertain what has been accomplished thus far and how it should move forward in order to have a positive impact on the downtown neighborhood.  Luther Kruger from the 1st Precinct was on hand to discuss Crime and Safety issues, one of the four areas of focus within DMNA’s Action Plan.  Tom and Dee, the Crime and Safety Committee, agreed to conduct more in-depth discussions with Luther to ascertain potential Crime and Safety funding strategies going forward to propose to the board.

Thereafter a new NRP Implementation Committee was established, chaired by Kim Motes, to work on its Action Plan.  Thursday, March 20th at 5:30 p.m. was designated as the first NRP IC meeting date.


IX.       Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Signed this ________ day of ________________________, 2003.

_______________________________                      _______________________________
Chair                                                                            Secretary