Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association

Minutes from Board of Directors Meeting on Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hennepin Center for the Arts

528 Hennepin Avenue, Suite 310, Minneapolis, Minnesota

I.          Call to Order and Introductions

            Board Chair Kim Motes called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Other board members in attendance included Andy Hauer; Tom Hoch; Scott Parkin, Secretary; Jodi Pfarr; Gene Nessly; and Carletta Sweet, Vice Chair. 

Board member Cynthia Newsom, Treasurer, was unable to attend. 

Guests in attendance included Kayla Brennan and George Prine from the Chambers Hotel; Michelle Bruch, Downtown Journal; Ward 7 Council Member Lisa Goodman; Ward 7 Intern, Dan Schned; and Sue Skelton, Twin Cities Marathon. 

Also in attendance was staff member Christie Rock, Neighborhood Coordinator.

II.        Consideration of and additions to the agenda

            The agenda was approved as presented. 

III.       Ward 7 update from Council Member Lisa Goodman

As part of her update, Lisa:

·        Introduced Dan Schned, a new aid in her office working primarily on the downtown dog grounds proposal. 

·        Announced the upcoming annual National Night Out to be held on Tuesday, August 1, 2006.  She commended the neighborhood for the great celebration it puts together and thanked Sue Jahn for her work and dedication to the event.

·        Provided information on Minneapolis Neighborhood Household Hazardous Waste Collections 2006 Schedule which included dates and locations of collection as well as acceptable and unacceptable wastes.

·        Announced the cancellation of June 2006’s Lunch with Lisa.  The next one will be held on the fourth Wednesday in July with guest speaker Dave Durenberger who will discuss a national health care policy. 

·        Presented a problem associated with Fire Station #1 located in the Guthrie riverfront neighborhood.  Lisa has received complaints from people regarding firefighters parking on the sidewalk / right-of-way in front of the station.  She has contacted the Fire Chief about the issue, but he stated this is the most affordable and most convenient place for the firefighters to park.  Council Member Goodman asked the DMNA Board whether this was a big enough issue that she should push the Fire Department to provide/require contract parking for these firefighters in the Hoff Ramp.  There was general consensus that the sidewalk should not be used for parking, but that at this point it wasn’t an issue worth arguing with the Fire Department about. 

·        Announced that the construction of the Lunds on Hennepin Avenue is temporarily on hold due to design issues; however the project will move forward. 

·        Presented a proposal to create four dog parks in four downtown Minneapolis neighborhoods:  Downtown, North Loop, Loring Park and Elliot Park.  She provided a folder of information outlining the specific locations of each park and the associated costs.  She is requesting $100,000 in DMNA NRP money to help build the parks.  She is also seeking sponsorships from dog-related industries for trash receptacles and water.  She is suggesting that each neighborhood manage their own park (collection of fees and distribution of passcards/keys), but that the City would establish a set of ground rules that would apply to all of the parks (hours of operation, capacity, lighting, etc.).

Tom Hoch made a motion to refer the issue to the DMNA NRP Implementation Committee.  Gene Nessly seconded the motion.  Chair Kim Motes called for discussion.  The motion passed. 

·        Responded to questions regarding Whispers, Trocaderos, and The Wave. 

IV.       Consideration of May 2006 board meeting minutes

Vice Chair Carletta Sweet made a motion to approve the minutes from the May 9, 2006 board meeting.  Gene Nessly seconded the motion.  Chair Kim Motes called for discussion.  The motion was amended to correct the spelling of Downtown Journal’s staff writer “Brunch” to “Bruch”.  The motion passed as amended.

V.        Consideration of June 2006 financials

Staff Person Christie Rock gave the June 2006 financial report. 

Andy Hauer made a motion to receive and file the June 2006 financials.  Tom Hoch seconded the motion.  Board Chair Kim Motes called for discussion.  The motion passed.

VI.       Medtronics Twin Cities Marathon

Sue Skelton from the Twin Cities Marathon organization provided an update on the activities planned for the 25th annual marathon scheduled for Sunday, October 1, 2006.  She stated that the marathon has a new corporate sponsor, Medtronics.   She thanked the DMNA for its support over the years.  Skelton noted they are seeking volunteers to help with the marathon and also suggested that this event is the perfect opportunity to schedule block parties and neighborhood celebrations. 

VII.     Land Use Committee Update

Land Use Committee Chair Andy Hauer gave the report for June and reviewed the following projects:

Chambers Hotel:  Seeking a liquor license and variance to fence height.  Two representatives from the Chambers Hotel, Manager George Prine and Attorney Kayla Brennan, provided an update on the project.  Occupation is scheduled for the first week in August.  The hotel should be fully operational in September. 

Andy Hauer made a motion to support the liquor license application.  Tom Hoch seconded the motion.  Chair Kim Motes called for discussion.  The motion passed. 

Riverfront East Parcel:  Andy provided a summary of the presentation that Oslund & Associates gave to the LUC regarding the McGuire Family Foundation’s proposal to create a park on this vacant parcel. 

Andy Hauer made a motion to support the McGuire Family Foundation’s proposal for the Riverfront East Parcel.  Tom Hoch seconded the motion.  Chair Kim Motes called for discussion.  The motion passed.

Open Book:  Seeking permission to operate a sidewalk café.

Andy Hauer made a motion to support the application.  Chair Kim Motes seconded the motion.  Motes called for discussion.  The motion passed.  Tom Hoch abstained from voting. 

Bambino’s Pizza & Grill:  Seeking a liquor license, all-night special foods permit, place of amusement Class B-1 permit, and permission to operate a sidewalk café.  This establishment is located at Hennepin Avenue and 5th Street.  This business has ties to the strip club Augies. 

VIII.    Crime and Safety Update / Discussion

Chair Tom Hoch reported that the committee is moving forward with creating/writing a community code of conduct.  Tom and Christie have been working with the DMNA Webmaster Paul Barber to put a survey together to solicit responses from downtown residents, business owners and visitors regarding what should be considered acceptable behavior in Downtown Minneapolis. 

The DMNA is modeling the survey process after work previously completed by the Stevens Square Neighborhood Organization.  Tom has been working with the Downtown Journal to get an article published that will direct people to the DMNA Web site to submit responses to the survey questions.  He is also working with a reporter from the Star Tribune.  

The Crime and Safety Committee will meet again on Tuesday, June 20, 2006. 

Discussion then turned to DMNA’s contribution to this year’s National Night Out event.  It was concluded that the DMNA would contribute $1200 to help cover the costs of entertainment. 

IX.       NRP Implementation Update / Discussion

Vice Chair Carletta Sweet will work with staff person Christie Rock to schedule an NRP Implementation Committee meeting to discuss the dog park proposal presented by Council Member Lisa Goodman and Intern Dan Schned.  Christie indicated that at this point the DMNA does not have $100,000 in a single strategy to allocate to the dog parks.  The DMNA would need to do a major plan modification to move money between existing strategies. 

X.        Old business / new business / other business

Preliminary discussion was held regarding potential sites for this year’s annual board meeting and costs related thereto.  Staff member Christie Rock will pursue potential opportunities. 

XI.       Adjournment

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Signed this ________ day of ________________________, 2006.

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Chair                                                                    Secretary