Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association
Minutes from Board of Directors Meeting on Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Hennepin Center for the Arts
528 Hennepin Avenue, Suite 310, Minneapolis

I.          Call to Order and Introductions

Carletta Sweet, Vice Chair, called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.  Other board members in attendance were David Able; Dee Cotten; Andrew Hauer; Tom Hoch; and Gene Nessly.  Kim Motes, Chair arrived at approximately 7:10 p.m.

Board member Jodi Pfarr was absent.

Others in attendance included:  Mark Andrews, Tunheim Partners; Jeff Arundel, Lucky Club; Barry Berg, CB Burnet; Laura Boyd, Boyd & Associates; Michael Buelow, Heritage Development; Barb Lickness, NRP; Rose Mack, resident; Paual Merrigan, DJR Architecture; Michael Moriarty, Heritage Development; Scott Paren, S.R. Hoffman & Associates; John Pazahanick, Lund Food Holdings, Inc.; Rene Plumart, DJR Architecture; Jeremy Stratton, staff writer for Skyway News; Ward 5 Council Member Natalie Johnson Lee; and Kris Wirtanson, Lund Food Holdings, Inc.

II.        Update from Council Member Natalie Johnson Lee
Council Member Johnson Lee distributed the updated “May We Help You” guides.  She also updated the board on the Project Safe Summer Police Department strategy.  She asked for feedback about the Police Department’s effort to create a better presence in the downtown area.  Tom Hoch indicated that it has made a difference. 
Council Member Johnson Lee thanked the DMNA board for supporting the Skyway Senior Center and announced that it has a new private sector partner: Medica. 
Council Member Johnson Lee inquired as to how residents were handling the numerous events being held in Downtown Minneapolis this summer.  Board members responded that the events and atmosphere is what keeps them living downtown.  They like the activity. 
III.       Consideration of June 2005 Minutes

The minutes from June 14, 2005 board meetings were unanimously approved.

IV.       Consideration of June 2005 Financial Statements

June Harmon distributed and explained the F2005 Budget vs. Actual as of June 2005; the Profit & Loss with YTD statement for June 2005; and the bank register for June 1-30, 2005.  These financial documents were unanimously received and filed.

V.        Land Use Committee Update

LUC Chair Andy Hauer submitted the following projects for board consideration:

·        Lunds Grocery Store Project – 12th and Hennepin – LFHI plans to open two new stores in downtown Minneapolis in 2006.  John Pazahanick, Lund Food Holdings, Inc., and Kris Wirtanson, Lund Food Holdings, Inc., updated the DMNA board on the redevelopment projects, which are already in the implementation stage.

The first Minneapolis Lunds location is anticipated to be the current Rick’s Market site at 313 Central Avenue Southeast in Minneapolis.  The conversion plans for this location are part of a larger redevelopment effort with Exeter Realty Company that will include a mix of residential and retail use.  LFHI plans to occupy approximately 15,000 to 18,000 square feet of the retail space for a new Lunds store. The plans for the mixed-use redevelopment project currently have been submitted to the City of Minneapolis for approval.  Construction is expected to begin next spring with an anticipated opening of spring 2006.

The second Lunds store location is the former World Wide Pictures building, which was part of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association headquarters, located at 1201 Hennepin Avenue (12th & Hennepin) in the Minneapolis Central Business District.  LFHI has a signed purchase agreement with the ministry and will be developing plans to submit to the City of Minneapolis for approval.  With city approval, construction is expected to begin fall 2005 with a summer 2006 opening.  LFHI is looking to expand the first floor of the three-story building for approximately 12,000 square feet of retail grocery space.  The other two floors will potentially be converted into office space or condominiums.

No motion or recommendation for approval is necessary for this agenda item, because the developments are outside of the DMNA boundaries.

·        The Lounge – 411 2nd Avenue South – The Lounge is located in the Downtown Warehouse District on 2nd Avenue between 4th and 5th Street.  Brian Bell and Todd Koosmann (dba Secure Entertainment) are seeking a Class A, On-Sale Liquor License, with Sunday sales, sidewalk café, a 2:00 a.m. permit, and operating privileges for special late night entertainment.  Brian Bell gave the presentation to the DMNA board.

Bell indicated that he has considered buying a nightclub for several years.  The time is now right, as this club has a good reputation and has well established clientele.  Bell described the business and indicated that all of the licenses and permits that he and his partner are seeking are already in place under the current ownership.  Bell stated that he has met with Luther Krueger from CCP/Safe and received his approval.  Bell expressed his willingness to participate in the monthly Warehouse District bar owner association meetings. 

The following is a description of the club taken from its Web site:

*  From its beginning in 1995, The Lounge has been an artistic showcase for underground electronic music scene, launching musical nights and artists that became as well known as the club that made them classics; from the delightfully sexy trip hop sounds of Shaken Not Stirred every Wednesday to the deliriously Bacchanal Brazilian drums of Karnaval on Fridays. 

The Lounge has long held the standard of pairing unique visual concepts and sound each week -- giving the music and its mixologists identities that blended with a lush backdrop of leopard and giraffe skins, plush velvet pillows, oils on canvas and ethereal film images floating on ribbons of smoke in the air               (* 

Dee Cotten made a motion to approve all applications as presented.  Vice Chair Carletta Sweet seconded the motion.  Call for discussion.  The motion passed. 

·        Proposed redevelopment for former Fuji Ya restaurant site (a.k.a. the Wave) – Heritage Development is proposing a $55 million redevelopment project southwest of the 3rd Avenue bridge on the west bank of the river that would incorporate the abandoned Fuji-Ya restaurant site.  Jeff Arundel of Lucky Club and Michael Moriarty from Heritage Development presented the project to the DMNA board. 

The Wave will include an unspecified, upscale restaurant in the refurbished Fuji-Ya space of heavy timbers and glass facing St. Anthony Falls and 38 luxury condominiums that will boast views of the river and the downtown skyline. The upper-end units will run to several million dollars for two-story units.  The development project also includes an upscale resort style spa.  This development will claim some of the last prime riverfront space in downtown Minneapolis. 

Tom Hoch made a motion to send a letter of support for this project to Heritage Development and the City of Minneapolis.  Dee Cotten seconded the motion.  Call for further discussion.  The motion passed unanimously. 

DMNA staff member Christie Rock will prepare a letter of support for the project on behalf of the DMNA board and send it to Michael Moriarty, Minneapolis City Council Members, and CPED Principal Planner Jack Byers. 

VI.       First Precinct Update

Luther Krueger was not able to attend the meeting.

VII.     Presentation on Chicago Avenue Advisory Board - Ann Calvert, CPED
Ann Calvert attended the May board meeting and gave a presentation on the proposed work on the Chicago Avenue Mall / Guthrie Theatre Plaza.  This month she is interested in finding out whether a member of the DMNA board, or a Downtown East resident might be interested in serving on a board that would advise the city as to maintenance needs, uses that will be allowed on the mall and future replacement and renovation needs.  She indicated that the DMNA could nominate a representative, or give the nomination duty to the CPED director or a council member. 
The DMNA board told Calvert that they are interested in making the nomination; however, they would like to wait until August to make the recommendation. 
Tom Hoch made a motion noting that the DMNA accepts the responsibility for nominating a Downtown East representative to the Chicago Avenue Advisory Board and will recommend an individual at the August board meeting.  Carletta Sweet seconded the motion.  Call for discussion.  The motion passed. 
Andy Hauer indicated that he plans to contact Kathleen Anderson about serving on the board. 
VIII.    Restorative Justice Update – Gena Gerard
Gena’s presentation was postponed until August 2005 meeting.
IX.       NRP Implementation Update
·        Washington Avenue Streetscape Project - Tom Hoch invited Michael McLaughlin from the Minneapolis Downtown Council to speak to the board regarding the proposed Washington Avenue Streetscape Project.  This is an opportunity for the DMNA to use some of the NRP dollars in the Downtown Development Strategy for a downtown identity project.
Michael described the project, which has been divided into two phases.  The first phase would begin this fall.  The second phase would be implemented in the spring of 2005.  The project involves planting trees and rose bushes on six center medians along Washington Avenue between Hennepin Avenue and 10th Street South.  The preliminary cost estimate for the project is approximately $90,000.  Funding for phase I has been secured through an EPA grant.  Michael is seeking funds from the DMNA for Phase II, or specifically for planting the rose bushes. 
The board asked questions about the types of trees and the size of the trees that would be planted in phase I.  The board also asked questions about ongoing maintenance, such as replanting, watering, weeding, etc…Michael indicated that there are a number of options under consideration, such as contracting with a third party vendor, working with the city, and/or asking the businesses along Washington Avenue to participate in ongoing maintenance.  Ultimately, the Downtown Council would like to see a downtown special service district established to maintain the medians. 
Tom Hoch made a motion to allocate $40,000 of NRP funds from the Downtown Identity Program ( ) within the Downtown Development Strategy of the DMNA NRP Action Plan for the Washington Avenue Streetscape Project.  Andy Hauer seconded the motion.  Call for discussion.  Board members asked Michael to further investigate and develop a plan for maintenance.  What will it cost annually?  The motion passed. 
X.        Old business / new business / other business
·        National Night Out – National Night Out is scheduled for Tuesday, August 2.  Sue Jahn is seeking funds from the DMNA to support the event.  Last year the DMNA contributed $750 for the cost of entertainment.  Jahn indicated that the cost for entertainment this year is $1,100. 
Tom Hoch made a motion to contribute $1,100 towards the cost of entertainment for the 2005 National Night Out celebration.  Carletta Sweet seconded the motion.  Call for discussion.  The motion passed. 
·        Annual Meeting – DMNA staff person Christie Rock asked that the board set the date for the annual meeting.  There was discussion around whether the meeting had to be held in November.  Chair Kim Motes suggested that October might be a good month.  It was thought that the DMNA could host a candidates’ forum prior to the November elections.  Ultimately; however, the board recommended that the 2005 Annual Meeting be held on Tuesday, November 15.  Christie also asked the board to consider some locations for the meeting.  People generally like the facilities at the University of St. Thomas Law School, but didn’t like the parking, or that it is on the western edge of the neighborhood.  Board members suggested the Mill City Museum, or Open Book.  DMNA NRP Specialist Barb Lickness offered the NRP Atrium.  She indicated that it is relatively inexpensive.  Christie will contact Mill City regarding availability and prices. 
XI.       Adjournment

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Signed this ________ day of ________________________, 2005.

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Chair                                                                Secretary