Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, May 10, 2005, 6:30 p.m.

Hennepin Center for the Arts, Suite #310


Attendance:    David Abele, Treasurer; Dee Cotton; Andy Hauer; Chair Kim Motes; Gene Nessly; Secretary Jodi Pfarr; Vice Chair Carletta Sweet

Staff:               Bookkeeper June Harmon; Neighborhood Coordinator Christie Rock

Guests:           Brian Gorecki, Sherman Associates; Luther Krueger, CCP/SAFE; Sarah McKenzie, The Business Journal; George Rosenquist, resident; Wayne Senior, Level II Entertainment; Council Member Paul Zerby; David Zins, Level II Entertainment

Call to order

Chairperson Kim Motes, called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.  The group gave introductions. 

Consideration of Agenda

The agenda was approved as presented.

Council Member Update

Minneapolis City Council Member Paul Zerby gave the DMNA board an update on city council activities over the past month. 

Council Member Zerby commented on the SafeZone Camera Project, the Security Officer Collaborative, and the Stop Program.  He noted that there is $1.2 million in Police Buy-Back funds being used in the First Precinct this summer.  There was significant discussion regarding how the city can pay for more cops.

He also mentioned that the City of Minneapolis is considering eliminating the Department of Health.  Zerby also asked the board for thoughts on how the city can better deal with the homelessness issue.

Consideration of April 2005 Minutes

A number of corrections including titles and wording were noted:

Under Council Member Lisa Goodman’s update -

Minnesota Shubert Center

“The call system has been put in place to deal with…”

Financial Statements

Financial statements are received and filed, not considered for approval.

Crime and Safety Update

14 officers have been added to the downtown command for the months of April through October 2005.

Andy Hauer made a motion to approve the April minutes as corrected.  Carletta Sweet seconded the motion.  Motes asked for discussion.  The motion passed.

Review of April 2005 Financial Statements

DMNA Bookkeeper June Harmon presented the April 2005 financial statements. 

The April 2005 financial statements were received and filed.

Harmon also noted that Mike Wilson completed the 2004 audit.  He also completed the IRS Form 990 and the MN Charitable Organization Reporting Form.  She asked for a motion to approve the $25 filing fee for the MN form.

Gene Nessly made a motion approve the filing of the Charitable Organization Report Form. Andy Hauer seconded the motion.  Motes asked for discussion.  The motion passed.

Land Use Committee Update

There were two land use items for board consideration.

Liquid (5th and Hennepin) – Applicant is seeking a Class B Off-Sale liquor license.  David Zins and Wayne Senior from Level II Entertainment presented the application.  They described the nightclub as a low volume, high-class establishment, a Bellanote without the full menu.  The bar will be approximately 5,700 square feet with a dance floor.  The owners have a five-year plan to acquire and rehabilitate the entire corner. 

Chair Kim Motes expressed concern about the type of establishment.  She wants to make sure that the bar district remains separate from the theatre district.  She wondered whether this type of a club would attract theatre patrons, especially if there is a limited menu.  The owners assured the board that their establishment would attract higher paying customers. 

Kim Motes made a motion to approve the liquor license application for Liquid, as long as the owners participated in the monthly bar owners meeting and the DMNA anti-public urination campaign.  Carletta Sweet seconded the motion.  Motes asked for further discussion.  The motion passed. 

Email addresses for the owners are as follows: [email protected] and [email protected].  The board was encouraged to contact them directly with any concerns or thoughts.

900 Washington Avenue South – Consideration of pass through offer to purchase from Sherman Associates for Hennepin County Regional Rail Authority Land.  CPED has received a pass through offer to purchase land at 900 Washington Avenue South from Sherman Associates to construct a mixed-use project that would include housing and commercial space. 

Brian Gorecki from Sherman Associates gave a PowerPoint presentation on the proposed project.  He explained the reason for the pass through sale application.  Sherman Associates needs to acquire two parcels of land on this block to make the project work.  One piece is public and the other private.  The public parcel is a surface parking lot.  The project is proposed to start construction in the summer of 2006. 

The proposed buildings fit the character and nature of other buildings in the area, in particular the new Guthrie Theatre.  The site is just outside of the Historic Riverfront District.  Sherman Associates is not seeking any subsidies from the city.  The proposed housing will be affordable, targeting moderate-income people.  Condos will sell from $300,000 and under.  Gorecki will be back in the fall to present a PUD application.

Carletta Sweet made a motion to approve the pass through sale of land from HCRRA to Sherman Associates.  Dee Cotten seconded the motion.  Motes asked for further discussion.  The motion passed.

Staff person Christie Rock will prepare a letter for CPED stating that the DMNA Board recommends that the city approve the sale of land.

Lunds Project

Rock noted that a Lunds representative is expected to make a presentation at the June or July 2005 board meeting.

Crime and Safety Update

CCP/Safe Civilian Luther Krueger gave the First Precinct update for the month of April.  Krueger continued discussion regarding the STOP Program.  He indicated that the Downtown Council pressured the mayor and police chief to increase the presence of officers in the downtown area over the summer.  Krueger also discussed the Security Officer Collaborative and stated that it is working very effectively.  Finally he mentioned that the First Precinct will be hosting an Open House on Tuesday, May 17, 2005.

NRP Implementation Update /Discussion

Skyway Senior Center – There was continued discussion regarding the funding needs of the Skyway Senior Center.  Rock distributed an article that was published in the May 10, Star Tribune. 

There was further discussion regarding the $10,000 challenge grant offer made by the DMNA board at the April meeting.  Motes indicated that she received a proposal from the senior center.  The senior center is asking that the DMNA board match dollar for dollar every cash donation contributed to the organization in 2005 up to $10,000 commencing April 19, 2005.  The dollars will be used for general operating expenses.  The letter indicates that the senior center has already raised $1,500 towards the match from three anonymous donors, leaving the amount remaining to be raised at $8,500.

Motes asked for discussion and thoughts from the board regarding the Skyway Senior Center’s matching grant proposal.  There was discussion regarding the number of unique visitors that the center has on an annual basis.  It was noted that the center does not track visitors this way.  There was also discussion regarding whether the funds should be new monies from new donors and foundations.  The purpose is to help the center attract long-term funding, not simply provide a short-term solution. 

Andy Hauer made a motion to approve the Skyway Senior Center’s request for matching funds with some qualifications.  The funds must be new monies, meaning that they must come from new contributors, or be over and above an existing contributor’s previous donation.  The matching grant proposal would be effective as of May 10, 2005; however the $1,500 already received from the anonymous donors will be included.  Dee Cotten seconded the motion.  Motes asked for further discussion.  The motion passed.

Christie Rock will send a letter outlining the DMNA’s parameters for the matching grant to the Skyway Senior Center.

Other NRP Implementation Discussion - Chair Motes requested that Vice Chair Sweet call a meeting of the NRP Implementation Committee in June.  The board needs review the 2003 Plan Modification and move strategies forward to implementation.  Christie Rock indicated that she is working with Barb Lickness on getting contracts in place for the Planetarium and Shubert Center contributions.  Rock will work with Sweet to schedule a NRP Implementation Committee meeting, or coordinate a discussion at the June board meeting. 

Old Business / New Business / Other Business

Dee Cotten gave a Restorative Justice update.  She noted that the organization is continuing to work on getting its 501 (c)(3) status.  The organization’s new name will be “Restorative Justice Works.”

The next board meeting is Tuesday, June 14, 2005. 


The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Christie Rock                                                                           Jodi Pfarr

DMNA Coordinator                                                                 DMNA Secretary