Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, April 12, 2005, 6:30 p.m.

Hennepin Center for the Arts, Suite #310


Attendance:    David Abele, Treasurer; Dee Cotton; Andy Hauer; Tom Hoch; Kim Motes, Chair; Gene Nessly; Jodi Pfarr, Secretary; Carletta Sweet, Vice Chair

Staff:               June Harmon, Bookkeeper; Christie Rock, Neighborhood Coordinator

Guests:           Ann Calvert; John Crippen; Stephanie Eiler; Ruth Kildow; Sgt. Kios; Derek Crider; Luther Krueger; Andy LeFevour; Michelle Lodahl; Scott Parker

Call to order

In the absence of Chairperson Kim Motes, Vice Chairperson Carletta Sweet called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.  The group gave introductions.  Chairperson Kim Motes arrived at 6:40 p.m. and took over as chair of the meeting.

Consideration of Agenda

The agenda was approved as presented.

Council Member Update

Minneapolis City Council Member Lisa Goodman gave the DMNA board an update on city council activities over the past month.  She apologized for being late, but she was at Mayor Rybak’s State of the City address. 

Council Member Goodman announced that Governor Pawlenty signed the bonding bill; meaning funding has been secured for the Minnesota Shubert Center and the Planetarium.  Goodman discussed the transfer of the State, Orpheum and Pantages theatres to the Hennepin Theatre Trust.  She reviewed the new storm water utility.  Goodman also announced the implementation of the new Minneapolis 311 system.  The call in system has been put in place to deal with citizen issues and concerns.  Steven Bosacker has been hired as the Director of Results to oversee the implementation of this initiative. 

Finally, Council Member Goodman briefly discussed the Skyway Senior Center.  She indicated that the center is in need of funds to continue its operations.  She encouraged the DMNA board to approve the $20,000 scope of service on the agenda, plus consider an additional allocation of $20,000 for 2005. 

Consideration of February 2005 Minutes

Carletta Sweet made a motion to approve the March minutes.  Andy Hauer seconded the motion.  Motes asked for discussion.  The motion passed.

Consideration of March 2005 Financial Statements

DMNA Bookkeeper June Harmon presented the March 2005 financial statements. 

Harmon noted that the DMNA received its Year 31 Citizen Participation funds allocation.  The total award is $2,250.  She will complete the documentation needed by the city.

The March 2005 financial statements were received and filed.

Land Use Committee

There was no Land Use Committee meeting in April.  There will be a liquor license application to consider at the May board meeting, plus several other items.

Crime and Safety Update

CCP/Safe Civilian Luther Krueger and Sgt. Kjos gave the First Precinct update for the month of March.  Krueger discussed the Chief McManus’ panhandling licensing proposal.  He indicated that it would be modeled after an ordinance in Dayton, OH.  The chief has seen this type of licensing work effectively in different urban areas.  If anyone has any feedback, they are asked to contact Krueger or Sgt. Kjos.  Further discussion will take place regarding this initiative at the May board meeting.  The board will consider a resolution in support of licensing panhandlers. 

Sgt. Kjos updated the board on the First Precincts summer beats.  There is a proposal under consideration to hire off duty officers for extra shifts throughout the week.  This will add 14 officers to the downtown command for the months of April through October 2005.

Hennepin County Attorney Andy LeFevour

Hennepin County Attorney Andy LeFevour updated the DMNA board on a number of different programs and activities within the county attorney’s office.  He discussed the Community Prosecution initiative.  Community prosecution is an innovative crime-fighting strategy that emphasizes a closer working relationship among prosecutors, police and local residents.  For each precinct, a prosecutor from the Property Crimes Team is assigned to work directly with police, local residents, businesses and others.  These community prosecutors focus on felony-level “livability” crimes such as theft, motor vehicle theft, receiving stolen property, arson and criminal damage to property.  Mr. LeFevour also updated the board on the nuisance ordinance and discussed its effectiveness.  He provided numerous handouts and encouraged board members to contact his office with any questions or concerns. 

CPED Update

CPED Staff person Ann Calvert gave an update on several different public works projects going on in and around the new Guthrie Theatre.  She highlighted the Chicago Avenue Plaza project. 

Minneapolis Riverfront Signage and Way-Finding Plan

John Crippen, director of the Mill City Museum, gave a PowerPoint presentation on the Minneapolis Rivefront Signage and Way-Finding Plan.  The purpose of this project is to clearly identify the Minneapolis Riverfront District, to unify signs within the district, to create signage that is appropriate for the district, to direct visitors to the district, and to guide visitors to key destinations within the district.  Crippen noted the district’s boundaries.  He discussed how the task force approached the design of the project and how they settled on a final solution.  Lastly, he discussed an implementation plan and indicated that funding is still needed for the project. 

Hennepin County Regional Railroad Intermodal Study

Derek Crider, an administrative engineer from Hennepin County, gave a presentation on the Hennepin County Regional Railroad Intermodal Study.  The purpose of the study is to develop transit station design concepts in downtown Minneapolis that preserve long-term opportunities to accommodate expanded commuter rail and long-distance rail, and ensure convenient intermodal connections to light rail and buses.  The study will identify infrastructure requirements, station location and design concepts, and requirements and locations for staging and storage areas to support rail transit operations. 

The Hennepin County Regional Rail Authority (HCRRA) will conduct the study with funding from the Minnesota Department of Transportation.  Hennepin County will work in cooperation with other governmental stakeholders including the City of Minneapolis, Metropolitan Council and Metro Transit, the Northstar Commuter Rail Corridor, and project teams for related initiatives. 

Skyway Senior Center Presentation

Michelle Lodahl and Ruth Kildow gave a presentation on the Skyway Senior Center.  The DMNA is considering a scope of service for $20,000 in NRP funds for 2005.  Lodahl and Kildow discussed the dire financial situation of the organization.  They have worked hard at fundraising and grant writing.  There seems to be a limited amount of money available from foundations and corporate giving programs for senior initiatives.  Funds tend to target youth and families.  Kim Motes asked the women whether the organization has looked at pre-retirement planning and bequests.  She also suggested they put together a development committee to prepare a fundraising plan.  Motes said she would be willing to work with the senior center to help them leverage DMNA funds.  It was suggested that the board should approve the $20,000 scope on the table tonight, and consider a second allocation if the senior center is able to secure matching funds from other sources.  Motes suggested that Lodahl and Kildow come back to the board in May with a proposed plan to secure funds to match a second allocation of DMNA NRP funds.

Tom Hoch made a motion to support the scope of service as presented to the board.  Gene Nessly seconded the motion.  Motes asked for discussion.  The motion passed. 

NRP Implementation Update /Discussion

SafeZone Camera Project – Consideration of allocating $25,000 in NRP funds to the Minneapolis Downtown Council for the SafeZone Camera Project.  The funds would come from the Downtown Development Strategy in the DMNA NRP Plan. 

Tom Hoch made a motion to support giving $25,000 in NRP funds to the Minneapolis Downtown Council for the SafeZone Camera Project.  Carletta Sweet seconded the motion.  Motes asked for discussion.  The motion passed. 

Christie Rock will work with Barb to get the funds contracted. 

Old Business / New Business / Other Business

The next board meeting is Tuesday, May 10. 


The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Christie Rock                                                                           Jodi Pfarr

DMNA Coordinator                                                                 DMNA Secretary