Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, March 8, 2005, 6:30 p.m.

Hennepin Center for the Arts, Suite #310


Attendance:    David, Abele, Treasurer, Dee, Cotten, Andy Hauer, Tom Hoch, Gene Nessly, Jodi Pfarr, Secretary, Carletta Sweet, Vice Chair

Absent:           Kim Motes, Chair

Staff:               June Harmon, Bookkeeper, Christie Rock, Neighborhood Coordinator

Guests:           Jessica Hayssen, Stevens Square, Luther Krueger, CCP/Safe, Councilmember, Natalie Johnson Lee, Zaxxr Llewellyn, Sculptor, Michael McLaughlin, Downtown Council, Sharon Nygren, KEEY, Jeremy Straton, Skyway News, Dee Tvedt, Stevens Square

Call to order

In the absence of Chairperson Kim Motes, Vice Chairperson Carletta Sweet called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  The group gave introductions.

Consideration of Agenda

Andy Hauer requested that the agenda be modified to accommodate guests/presenters.  All guests would be moved up on the agenda in the order that they arrived at the meeting. 

Staff person Christie Rock indicated that Ann Calvert’s presentation has been moved to the April board meeting. 

Andy Hauer made a motion to approve the agenda as amended.  Gene Nessly seconded the motion.  Sweet asked for discussion.  The motion passed. 

Consideration of February 2005 Minutes

Tom Hoch made a motion to approve the February minutes.  Gene Nessly seconded the motion.  Sweet asked for discussion.  The motion passed.

Consideration of February 2005 Financial Statements

DMNA Bookkeeper June Harmon presented the February 2005 financial statements. 

Gene Nessly made a motion to approve the February 2005 financial statements.  Dee Cotten seconded the motion.  Sweet asked for discussion.  The motion passed.

Crime and Safety Update

CCP/Safe Civilian Luther Krueger gave the First Precinct update for the month of February.  He discussed the SafeZone Camera project.  He also described a new partnership between the First Precinct, the Downtown Council and downtown security officers.  Krueger noted that traffic stops have been added to the crime maps.  Several board members asked questions regarding the couple that was attacked on Block E within the past week.  Krueger noted that two arrests have been made and one is pending. 

SafeZone Camera Project Update

Downtown Council staff person Michael McLaughlin gave a report on the SafeZone Camera Project.  He gave a PowerPoint presentation that described the project’s partners, the location of the cameras, the effectiveness of the cameras, and the need for additional funding.  McLaughlin noted that this is the most advanced wireless camera system in the world.  McLaughlin indicated that the Downtown Council is seeking $250,000 to support the camera system.  He is asking the DMNA for a $25,000 contribution. 

Staff person Christie Rock noted that there are NRP funds available in the DMNA’s Downtown Development strategy.  She will talk to Barb regarding the process for reallocating the funds to the SafeZone Camera project.  She will bring the information back to the board for its consideration at the April 2005 meeting.

Panhandling Public Education / Public Awareness Campaign

Two volunteers from the Stevens Square neighborhood, Jessica Hayssen and Dee Tvedt, gave a presentation on a recently organized Panhandling Public Education / Public Awareness Campaign.  The purpose of the program is to educate the public regarding panhandling, to describe the impact it has on the neighborhoods, and to teach people better ways to deal with it.  Stevens Square is seeking support for this initiative from the DMNA.  Staff person Christie Rock indicated that she would have DMNA Webmaster Paul Barber post information on the DMNA Web site.  Rock asked whether a flyer describing the effort is available.  If so, she will have Barber distribute flyer to the DMNA email list.

Presentation by Sculptor Zaxxar Llewellyn

Sculptor Zaxxar Llewellyn gave a presentation regarding a sculpture that he is proposing for the Downtown East neighborhood along the river northeast of the new Guthrie Theatre.  He displayed a three dimensional mock-up of what he is considering.  He asked for feedback and recommendations regarding his proposed sculpture from the board.  Llewellyn indicated that he is not seeking funding from the DMNA.  Staff person Christie Rock mentioned that she has requested for Llewellyn to speak with Mary Altman, a staff person at CPED, regarding his project.  He indicated that he met with Altman earlier in the day.  Overall, the board’s impressions were favorable.

Land Use Committee

1016 Marquette Avenue – Consideration of variances from Minneapolis Zoning Code for drive alley width and setbacks. 

Representatives from the real estate development company, and the architectural and engineering firms working on this project gave a presentation on the building proposed for 1016 Marquette Avenue.  This is a redevelopment project.  A building will be razed and a new building will be constructed.  The project is located just adjacent to the WCCO television building.  This is a market rate condominium project.  Units will sell for between $1.3 and $2.0 million.  There will be eight units, including a penthouse unit.  The architect presented several different types of building materials that will be used in the project. 

Because of the nature and size of the lot, the representatives for the project are requesting that the Minneapolis Planning Commission approve several variances to the zoning code, one for the drive alley width and three for lot line setbacks. 

Tom Hoch made a motion to approve the proposed development at 1016 Marquette Avenue.  Gene Nessly seconded the motion.  Sweet asked for discussion.  The motion passed. 

Council Member Update

Minneapolis City Council Member Natalie Johnson Lee gave the DMNA board an update on city council activities over the past month.  She discussed the proposal to merge the city and county public safety dispatching centers.  Minneapolis 911 Director John DeJung described this proposal in greater detail at the February board meeting.  Council Member Johnson Lee indicated that at this point there are no council people championing the proposal.  Negatives include the loss of control. 

Question and Answer with the Minneapolis Transportation Management Organization

Jamie Buss is conducting a study on behalf of the Minneapolis Transportation Management Organization.  She came to the meeting to ask questions regarding the board’s perception of public transportation in Minneapolis.  Specifically, she was seeking to find out what new and prospective residents are looking for with regards to public transportation, to find out whether it is accessible, and to find out what changes residents might like to see in the transportation system.  Overwhelmingly, the board recommended that the Metropolitan Council should continue to expand LRT, consider a downtown circular, and bring two-way traffic back to Hennepin Avenue.

NRP Implementation Update /Discussion

Summer Streetscape Enhancement / Youth Employment Program – Tom Hoch is seeking $14,000 in NRP funds on behalf of the Hennepin Theatre Trust for a summer streetscape enhancement / youth employment program.  This program has operated in the past with the assistance of Kids, Education, the Environment and You (KEEY).  Tom introduced Sharon Nygren from KEEY.  She provided information about KEEY and described how the program has worked in previous years.  Board members had the opportunity to ask questions.  Staff person Christie Rock indicated that the funds would come from the Downtown Development strategy in the DMNA NRP Plan.  Both Tom and Christie have talked with Barb Lickness about the scope of service presented to the board tonight. 

Andy Hauer made a motion to support allocating $14,000 in NRP funds to the Summer Streetscape Enhancement / Youth Employment Program.  Dee Cotten seconded the motion.  Carletta Sweet asked for further discussion.  The motion passed. 

Tom Hoch abstained from voting. 

Old Business / New Business / Other Business

The next board meeting is Tuesday, April 12.  The agenda will include the following items:

Ruth Kildow from the Skyway Senior Center will present a scope of service for the $20,000 in NRP funds the DMNA allocated toward the Senior Center in the November 2003 Plan Modification.

Ann Calvert from CPED will give a presentation regarding public improvement projects near the new Guthrie Theatre.

John Crippen from CPED will give a presentation on the Minneapolis Riverfront District Signage and Wayfinding Plan. 

Hennepin County Attorney Andy LeFevour will give an update on the Nuisance Ordinance. 

Dee Cotten noted that Restorative Justice is working on a name change and on getting its 501 (c)(3) status. 


The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Christie Rock                                                                           Jodi Pfarr

DMNA Coordinator                                                                 DMNA Secretary