Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, February 8, 2005, 6:30 p.m.

Hennepin Center for the Arts, Suite #310


Attendance:    David Abele, Dee Cotten, Kim Motes, Gene Nessly, Jodi Pfarr, and Carletta Sweet

Absent:           Andy Hauer and Tom Hoch

Staff:               June Harmon, Bookkeeper, and Christie Rock Neighborhood Coordinator

Guests:           Lt. Kjos, Minneapolis Police Department, Emily Buehler, CCNP-Restorative Justice, John DeJung, Minneapolis 911 Director, and Jeremy Stratton, Skyway News

Call to order

Board Chair Kim Motes called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.  She invited people to introduce themselves for the guests present. 

Consideration of Agenda

David Abele made a motion to approve the February agenda.  Carletta Sweet seconded the motion.  Kim Motes asked for discussion.  The motion passed.

Consideration of December Minutes:         

Carletta Sweet made a motion to approve the December minutes.  Dee Cotten seconded the motion.  Kim Motes asked for discussion.  The motion passed.

Consideration of December 04 and January 05 Financial Statements

June Harmon presented the December 04 and January 05 financial statements.  Carletta Sweet made a motion to approve the December 04 and January 05 financial statements.  Dee Cotten seconded the motion.  Kim Motes asked for discussion.  The motion passed.

Consideration of 2005 Budget

June Harmon presented the 2005 fiscal year budget.  Gene Nessly made a motion to approve the 2005 budget.  Dee Cotten seconded the motion.  Kim Motes asked for discussion.  The motion passed.   

Minneapolis City Council Member Update

Council Member Natalie Johnson Lee was unable to attend the board meeting.  Council Member Lisa Goodman will attend the April board meeting.

Crime and Safety Update

CCP/SAFE representative Luther Krueger was not able to attend the meeting.  Lt. Kjos from the First Precinct gave the update instead.  He talked about panhandling and drug dealing on Hennepin Avenue.  He mentioned the undercover detail that was being used to address the source of the problem.  Kjos talked about recent bank robberies in the skyway system.  He discussed the Safe Zone cameras and their effectiveness.  Lastly he mentioned the bar owner meetings, and an effort to get bartenders to stop over serving.

CCNP – Restorative Justice Program Update

Emily Buehler gave an update on the Restorative Justice Program.  She provided board members with a summary of 2004 outcomes and accomplishments.  She highlighted that there were 613 participating offenders.  She described how payable offenses limits access to offenders.  She briefly discussed the Nuisance Night Hearing Program.  Buehler also mentioned that Restorative Justice is incorporating as a 501 (c)(3), so it can operate has its own independent organization.  She said there might be a name change as a result.  Restorative Justice has a new office location on 8th Street, within Family and Children’s Services.  Buehler thanked the DMNA for its support of the program.  Kim Motes thanked Dee Cotten for her contribution.  Cotten noted that she participated in 25 conferences in 2004. 

Minneapolis 911 Presentation

Minneapolis 911 Director John DeJung gave a presentation on new PBX Legislation that went into effect on January 1, 2005.  PBX is an acronym for private branch exchange.  Mr. DeJung described the PBX problem in relationship to calling 911 for emergency help.  When you dial 911 from your home phone, dispatchers can see the address from which you are calling.  Unfortunately, if you dial 911 from a building that uses PBX telephones, the dispatcher may not know the actual address from which you are calling.  If the caller is unable to relate his or address, because they are incapacitated, or confused, the dispatcher may send emergency responders to the business’ billing address, rather than the address from which the original call was made.  The legislation requires schools, hospitals, government complexes, hotels, and other multi-unit buildings to provide a call back number and emergency response location information on all telephones.  Upon conclusion of Mr. DeJung’s presentation, the board members asked numerous questions.  Board members thanked Mr. DeJung for his informative presentation. 

NRP Implementation Update

Board Chair Kim Motes led a discussion on NRP strategies defined in the 2003 plan modification.  She noted that board assistance is needed in getting the strategies implemented.  She highlighted the following:

Arts, Culture and Education

§         Shubert Performing Arts and Education Center - $95,000 – waiting for outcome of 2005 bonding bill.

§         Planetarium - $25,000 – waiting for outcome of 2005 bonding bill.

Crime and Safety

§         Senior Center - $40,000 Year 1 – contracted, $20,000 Year 2 – Christie Rock will contact Ruth at the Senior Center and invite her to attend an upcoming board meeting.

§         “Go Before You Go” Campaign - $10,000 – Kim Motes has been attending the bar owners meetings.  David Abele indicated that he would be willing to attend these meetings, as well. 

§         CCNP – Restorative Justice - $40,000 Year 1 – contracted, $55,000 under review.  Waiting for results of Nuisance Night Hearing Court.  Dee Cotten will continue to monitor this program on behalf of the DMNA.  Jodi Pfarr also expressed an interest in becoming more involved in Restorative Justice.  She indicated that she would contact Gena Gerard with some ideas.

Downtown Development

§         Streetscape Program  - $115,818.16 Year 1 – available, $45,000 Year 2 – available.  Carletta Sweet mentioned a signage project she heard about at a previous Industry Square meeting.  Christie Rock said she would contact Tom Daniels to learn more and determine whether there might be an opportunity for the DMNA to participate financially.


§         Administration - $20,000 Year 1 – contracted, $15,000 Year 2 – contracted.

Old Business/New Business/Other Business

Consideration of Contribution to League of Women Voters

Christie Rock indicated that the DMNA has made a contribution to the League of Women Voters in the past for helping with the election process at the annual meeting.  No contribution has been made for the 2004 meeting as of yet.  June Harmon needs a motion granting approval of such a contribution before she can issue a check.  Harmon indicated that the DMNA contributed $135 to the League in 2004 for the 2003 annual meeting.  A motion was made by Gene Nessly to make a $135 contribution to the League of Women Voters for the organization’s assistance with the DMNA annual meeting.  Dee Cotten seconded the motion.  Kim Motes asked for discussion.  The motion passed. 

Consideration of Nominations for DMNA Secretary

Kim Motes indicated that Tom Hoch has declined the secretary position.  Motes asked for volunteers to fill the spot vacated by Carletta Sweet when she accepted the position of vice chair.  Board members expressed concern about taking the minutes.  Everyone agreed that Sweet did an excellent job, and it would be extremely difficult to fill her shoes.  The board thanked her for her work.  Motes suggested that board members rotate taking the minutes.  Christie Rock indicated that she would take the minutes when she was able to attend the board meetings, but she isn’t always available.  June Harmon volunteered to take the minutes since she attends all board meetings.  With that task delegated, Motes sought nominations from the board.  Carletta Sweet made a motion to elect Jodi Pfarr as DMNA secretary.  David Abele seconded the motion.  Kim Motes asked for discussion.  Pfarr accepted the nomination.  The motion passed. 


A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.  The meeting adjourned at 8:32 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,                                                        

Christie Rock, Neighborhood Coordinator              Jodi Pfarr, DMNA Secretary

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