Minutes from the Tuesday, August 11, 2009 Board Meeting 

Central Public Library

300 Nicollet Mall

Room N-304, Minneapolis, MN

Call to Order and Introductions

Board Chair Carletta Sweet called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Other Board Members in attendance included Gerry Ewald; Andy Hauer; Paula Klimek, Treasurer; Corey Kline; Scott Parkin, Vice Chair; and George Rosenquist.

Board Member Andrea Christensen was absent.

Guests in attendance included Pat Brown; Dan Cain and Lois Mueller, RS Eden; Beth Elliott, CPED, City of Minneapolis; David Kelly, Kelly Architects; Christina Kendrick, Center Director, Medica® Skyway Senior Center; Doug Leners, Medica® Skyway Senior Center Advisory Council; Anita Tabb, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board candidate; Vic Uppal, Uppal Enterprises and Om Restaurant; Doug Verdier and Dale White, downtown residents.

Staff member Christie Rock was also present.

Consideration of the Agenda

Since there was nothing new to report, George Rosenquist requested that his Crime and Safety Update be stricken from the agenda and substituted with a Medica Skyway Senior Center update.

Parkin moved and Hauer seconded the motion to approve the agenda as amended.  The motion passed unanimously.

Staff Report 

Since there was no meeting in July, staff person Christie Rock gave an update to the board on her activities over the past few months.  She provided a written report, but verbally highlighted the following:

Responded to DMNA voice and email inquiries; inquiries are mostly received via email.  Worked on issue with the eFax service, i.e., getting the Qwest number ported to the new service.

Worked on NRP Phase II process coordinating with Barb Lickness and Carsten Slostad on the Participation Agreement.  Will not require approval by NRP Policy Board.  Since given the go ahead, prepared a draft budget for the overall goals to be reviewed by the board later on the agenda.  

Prepared miscellaneous financial documents:  April and May bank reconciliation, July and August financials, and August checks.

Prepared letter of support for the RS Eden supportive housing project at 822 South Third Street.

Corresponded with Scott Parkin regarding updates to the DMNA Website.

Introduction of Park Board Candidate Anita Tabb

Anita Tabb briefly introduced herself to the DMNA Board and advised that she is running unopposed (Tracy Nordstrom is not seeking re-election) for the District 4 seat on the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board ( HYPERLINK ""  For more information about Anita visit her website at  HYPERLINK ""

Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED)
Update by Beth Elliott

Beth Elliott introduced herself as the City of Minneapolis’ Principal Planner within the Long-Range Planning Division of CPED for the Downtown Sector.  It is her responsibility to ensure that everything that happens within her sector is consistent with the long-range plan.  Beth briefed the board on what’s happening citywide as well as what’s happening in the DMNA area.  Highlights of her Land Use/Policy Guidance PowerPoint presentation included:

The Minneapolis Plan for Sustainable Growth (i.e., the City of Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan Update which is required by the Metropolitan Council to be updated every 10 years) and the new Future Land Use Map that will serve as a guide for future development.  The Metropolitan Council has finally approved the City’s plan and it will be going before the full Council in early October for final adoption and implementation.  For more detailed information visit  HYPERLINK ""

Small Area Plans adopted:  Downtown East / North Loop Master Plan is being updated to accommodate pent up market demands in the North Loop (does not include the downtown core); Elliot Park Master Plan; North Nicollet Mall; and Historic Mills District Master Plan.

Other Projects Underway.  Among the various projects by Hennepin County, Metro Transit and the Twins Ballpark, Beth emphasized the need to remain informed and diligent specifically regarding the transportation and multimodal projects so that they all work well together (e.g., the preferred Southwest LRT alignment from Kenilworth to Royalston).

Past, Present and Future Development.  As part of the North Loop planning update they’re focusing on improving circulation and connectivity to and through the multimodal station and the adjacent neighborhoods to it (i.e., strategic changes to bikeways, pedestrian paths, conversion to 2-way streets).

A large community meeting will be held at the end of September for residents to hear what CPED is recommending in the North Loop Plan and Beth will ensure notification is distributed.

VI. Ward 7 Update by Council Member Lisa Goodman

Council Member Goodman highlighted the following during her report:

Next “Lunch with Lisa” is scheduled for the 4th Wednesday in August 2009 at the University of St. Thomas.  Guest speaker will be Hennepin County Commissioner Gail Dorfman and her topics will be the proposal for the Walker Library remodel project at Hennepin and Lagoon and the Southwest LRT corridor alignment.  

At last “Lunch with Lisa” held a mock Ranked Choice Voting election ( HYPERLINK "" to teach constituents how to use it.  Noted the August 3, 2009 article in Downtown Journal – read it to learn which candy bar won as Ward 7 favorite.

Seal coating of 1st Avenue and Hennepin Avenue in preparation for 2-way traffic later this fall.

Marquette and 2nd Avenue work should be complete by end of December 2009.

Cedar Lake Trail rumors are inaccurate; project will be complete by the time the new Twins Ballpark opens.

Distributed Downtown Improvement District / Ambassador program packet ( HYPERLINK ""

Village Green City Apartments groundbreaking soon and will email notification.

Sent out RFP for Guthrie ramp liner parcel; received 9 responses and all were denied due to failure to comply with the requirements, one of which was at no cost to the City.

American College of Neurology considering downtown location (competing with Mendota Heights).

Issues with sandwich boards – obstruction to individuals with disabilities, strollers, pets.  It’s illegal so call 311 when observed.

On board of Medica Skyway Senior Center; they’re doing so well because of strong DMNA support.

Lisa also answered questions regarding how the City Council and CPED relate to each other and favorably responded to the suggestion of a downtown development bus tour.

VII. Land Use Committee Report

LUC Chair Andy Hauer introduced the following projects:

824 Hennepin Avenue (Hennepin Stages).  Tom Hoch requested that the DMNA Board recommend approval of a liquor license application for Hennepin Stages.  

Klimek moved and Kline seconded a motion to support the liquor license application for Hennepin Stages.  The motion passed unanimously.  

822 South Third Street.  Dan Cain and Lois Mueller from RS Eden gave an update on the supportive housing project being proposed for this location.

Cain showed the board a revised design for the exterior of the building and noted that the retail spaces originally proposed for the ground floor have been redesigned to initially accommodate efficiency apartments until the retail market picks up at this location.  The proposal still calls for 101 efficiency units 

Board members asked additional questions about the project.  

Ewald moved and Parkin seconded a motion to prepare a letter of support to Donna Wiemann at the City of Minneapolis for the preliminary concept plan for supportive housing at 822 South Third Street.  The motion passed unanimously.  

Happy Days Market in the Brill Building at 20 North 4th Street.  Architect David Kelly described his plans to remodel the entrance to accommodate handicap accessibility.  As part of the Heritage Preservation Commission approval process, he has come before the DMNA for support.

Ewald moved and Klimek seconded a motion to support the proposed remodel.  The motion passed unanimously.

27 North 4th Street / 401 1st Avenue North.  Vic Uppal from Uppal Enterprises requested the DMNA Board support a certificate of appropriateness related to signage and approve the materials (i.e., light weight brick) for the exterior façade of the penthouse.  The Heritage Preservation Commission is requiring approvals for both.  

Klimek moved and Parkin seconded a motion to support the certificate of appropriateness related to signage and the materials for the exterior façade of the penthouse.  The motion passed unanimously.  

10th and Hennepin.  This mixed-use development project by Alatus Partners and BKV Group has been postponed indefinitely. 

VIII. Consideration of Minutes from June 9, 2009 Board Meeting

Hauer moved and Ewald seconded a motion to approve the April board minutes.  Sweet called for discussion.  The motion passed.

IX. Consideration of August 2009 Financial Report


Sweet requested that the DMNA Board consider renewing its membership with the East Downtown Council and explained why the DMNA should retain its membership in this organization.

Hauer moved and Ewald seconded a motion to renew the organization’s membership with the East Downtown Council.  Sweet called for discussion.  The motion passed.

Rock reported on the F2009 Budget vs. Actual as of August 2009.

Hauer moved and Parkin seconded a motion to receive and file the August Financial Report.  Sweet called for discussion.  The motion passed.

X. Medica® Skyway Senior Center Presentation

Christina Kendrick introduced herself as the Center Director for the Medica Skyway Senior Center, a member of the Friends of the Skyway Senior Center, and as a member of the Medica Skyway Senior Center Advisory Council.  She gave the board an update on the work of the Senior Center and provided statistics on its usage and highlights of its activities and programs.  

In addition, Kendrick provided information on the organization’s funders.  Since Medica’s sponsorship expires at the end of 2009, she is in the process of requesting an extension / renewal of their sponsorship for a minimum of 2 to 3 years.  Kendrick expressed an interest in DMNA Phase II NRP dollars.  DMNA staff member Christie Rock explained that the DMNA is just beginning the process for allocating Phase II dollars and the final plan should be completed and approved by early spring 2010.  At that point, the DMNA will entertain requests for funding.

XI. NRP Implementation Report

Staff member Christie Rock advised that since she received DMNA’s Phase II allocation numbers, she drafted and distributed a budget with allocation recommendations for board discussion.  After entertaining questions, she advised that her next steps in this process will be to draft the actual Phase II Plan.


XII. Marketing Update

Due to time constraints, no Website update was given.  

Old Business / New Business / Other Business

Due to time constraints, no other items were discussed.

XIV. Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Signed this ________ day of ________________________, 2009.

_______________________________            _______________________________
Chair                                                                 Secretary


Minutes from the DMNA Board meeting of 8/11/09