Public Safety


The purpose of the Public Safety Task Force is to facilitate active participation by the DMNA Board and membership in the ongoing debates about public safety in Minneapolis.  The task force will work to advance the “Guiding Principles for Police Reform and Public Safety” (adopted by the DMNA Board on 7-6-20), within the general framework of the DMNA mission and goals.


Crime Maps & Dashboards

Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) dashboards and crime maps show information about police stops, crime data, arrest data, use of force, and more.  They give an interactive look at MPD data.

Note:  When comparing data, remember that comparing raw numbers isn’t easy.  The same number of events can mean different things in different areas and at different times of the day.


What’s the difference between 911 and 311?

Call 911 to:

  • Report an incident that requires a police officer at the scene (such as assaults, kidnapping, burglaries, domestic disputes, auto accidents with injuries, etc…).
  • Request an ambulance for a medical emergency.
  • Report a fire.
  • Report a crime in progress.
  • Report suspicious, criminal activity in progress (such as alarms, shots fired, shouts for help).

Call 311 for non-emergencies such as:

  • Suspicious activity not in progress.
  • Abandoned vehicles or parking violations.

How to use 311:

Visit the 311 Online Services page for a list of all the 311 online services.


Report Suspicious Activity